On Friday, January 31, Sports Centre Millenium BTC in Ljubljana hosted the 9th Marko Baloh charity 24-hour cycling event. Marko Baloh is among the best ultra-cyclists in the world. Marko was joined by around 100 cyclists, and together they raised money to buy Wheel Bee LED bicycle lights, which will be distributed to children attending the Marathon Franja BTC City for children.

Marko Baloh was joined by almost 100 cyclists in Sports Centre Millenium BTC, where they pedalled their bicycles for 24 hours straight. Among the participants were also some known faces, like Slovene gymnasts Mitja Petkovšek, Sašo Bertoncelj, Rok Klavora, Alen Dimic, Žiga Šilc and four members of the women’s cycling team BTC City Ljubljana. The event was also attended by Robert Štaba, the expert in road traffic safety, since the goal of this charity cycling event was to improve the safety of cyclists in traffic.

The financial means raised at this charity event will be used to buy Wheel Bee LED bicycle lights, which improve the visibility of cyclists on our roads. The director of Sports Centre Millenium BTC, Miha Rakar, said after the event: ”I want to thank all for their participation and contribution to this event. I am pleased to see our 24-hour cycling event successfully raising money for 300 LED bicycle lights, which will be distributed to children attending the Marathon Franja BTC City for Children and thus improve the visibility of the youngest traffic participants on the roads.”

In the scope of its socially responsible efforts the BTC Company has been a great supporter of cycling. BTC has an important role in the organisation of Marathon Franja BTC City and the 2014 UWCT Amateur Road World Championships, which will take place, for the first time in Slovenia, between August 28 and 31. For this reason the first professional women’s cycling team, BTC City Ljubljana, was established.  The team of 11 female cyclists will compete for the first time ever in Slovenia, and later on in the majority of races on the international level. Furthermore, BTC also contributes to the development of sustainable urban mobility in Ljubljana and participates in the projects which raise awareness about the safety of children in traffic. In collaboration with the City Municipality of Ljubljana BTC City will get its first BicikeLJ station in spring. The sponsorship contract with Marko Baloh is therefore not coincidental.

Additional information:

Maja Oven, Director of the Market Communication and Public Relations Sector