Jože Mermal, the President of the BTC Management Board, received the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GZS) Award for outstanding business achievements in 2013 in the presence of the President of the Republic of Slovenia, the ministers for economic development and for finances, the Mayor of the City Municipality of Ljubljana, and several other esteemed guests. This most traditional and most prestigious Slovenian award has, for the last 46 years, been awarded to economists for their business achievements, and represents the importance and the role of individuals not only in companies they run but also in encouraging business practice and strengthening the economy.

Therefore the award proves that the BTC Company is a very important economic player in creating a special added value and wider community benefit. Led by Jože Mermal, the Company managed to progress substantially in the last two decades in the business, ecology and social responsibility areas. Through constant improvements, investments, inventive additions to the business, the BTC has grown to be a dynamic, open, contemporary and successful company that runs behind one of the largest European shopping, recreational and entertainment centres. The Company has evolved into a unique company-incubator that looks over joint companies, active in the BTC City area with over 4,000 employees, and at the same time collaborates with top, world-renowned companies. It is hard to determine the key to such widespread business, however the important fact remains that the main control of the progress comes from the president of the management board.

“The BTC development-strategy follows the current trends, the latest leadership technologies and the principles of sustainable development. These are the points that inspired BTC’s business enthusiasm and the everlasting search for attractive and contemporary projects. The successful implementation of business plans, over the past few years, has resulted in BTC winning the mentioned and other awards or recognitions. These awards represent a great affiliation of the employees who influence these excellent results with their hard work, commitment and innovativeness, as well as with business and professional ambitions”, commented Jože Mermal upon receiving the award.
The basis for this award was primarily the Company’s success. The committee also emphasized other evaluation criteria, namely the individual’s efforts for encouraging innovativeness, sustainable development, social responsibility and business excellence.

Additional information:

Maja Oven, Director of the Market Communication and Public Relations Sector