On Friday, March 7 at 2pm, the Conference Hall of the BTC Logistics Centre will, for the second year in a row, host the BTC Campus educational programme, which will extend over the following three months. The aim of the programme is to provide 30 young unemployed people with business experience and encourage them about finding first employment. The BTC Company, the Employment Service of Slovenia and the Centre of Business Excellence at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana act as partners, sponsors and initiators of this programme. 

In the scope of the BTC Campus programme the participants will familiarize themselves with the basic aspects of business knowledge and skills – planning, accounting, communicating, marketing, etc. They will get to know different institutions, such as development centres, incubators, start-up companies, etc.

Before the start of this year’s programme Jože Mermal, the president of the BTC Management Board, said: “Numerous investments in socially responsible projects are part of the BTC Company’s business model. I am positive that projects, such as BTC Campus give new opportunities to individuals and organisations to show themselves in their own way and prove themselves on the local as well as international stage. Last year the project was exceptionally successful, since half of the project’s participants successfully found their first employment or they embarked on an independent entrepreneurial journey. Seeing that the Slovene workforce market is currently unfavourable towards the young, we want to, through our educational programme, point them in the right direction and show them that they can succeed with hard work and determination, even in the current economic situation.”

“The data on the unemployment rates among young people has over the last couple of year been alarming, thus we are more than thrilled to see projects which help young people reach and acquire adequate knowledge and experience, which will be useful to them in the future and will mitigate in them finding first employment”, stated the employees of the Employment Service of Slovenia.

BTC Campus project will extend over three months. Individual educational modules (altogether 12) will take place once a week for three hours. The participants were selected by the Employment Service of Slovenia. The programme lecturers will be provided by the representatives of the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana.

Additional information

Maja Oven, Director of the Market Communication and Public Relations Sector