The BTC Company and the iHELP Company organised the first of what it is to become a series of workshops, called Mission: Safe City, where the employees of the companies within the BTC area were presented the use of the iHELP application and the basic resuscitation techniques. The purpose of the Mission: Safe City project is to ensure the well-being and evoke feelings of safety of the BTC City visitors. Vast numbers of shopping centre visitors using the iHELP application will make the lives of all visitors safer and at the same time strengthen the bonds of solidarity and social responsibility. In case of an emergency the iHELP application sends an SOS signal to other users nearby, informs relatives and rescue stations, and guides users through the resuscitation procedures.
45 individuals working in the Crystal Palace or in the BTC City business skyscraper took part in the workshop, where the director of the Mission: Green project presented the new project Mission: Safe City and emphasized the importance of social responsibility. The mastermind behind the iHELP, Andraž Ogorevc, then displayed basic procedures from downloading and testing to using the iHELP application as an additional tool when making SOS calls. The application guides the user through a menu, where he or she marks the time and the type of the incident, establishes connection with the 112 emergency-centre and informs other iHELP users within a 500 metre radius to assist in the incident. Other users respond and the rescue operation is under way. With the help of the application the visitors of the workshop got familiar with the location of the closest AED and the nearest hospital or health centre, and learned the correct procedure when dealing with heart failure. At the end of the workshop the majority of those present attempted the practical part of resuscitation and heart massage techniques.

Photo: Iztok Dimc, Foto Bomba

In case of emergency the first aid techniques can be the key to and the basic foundation for the rescue team’s further success. The 112 emergency-call indeed starts the organised rescue procedure however the people present can assist the injured crucially within the first minutes and essentially influence further course of action. That is why the BTC Company would like to encourage all its visitors to be socially responsible, which includes having and renewing the knowledge of the first aid techniques.

Miha Mermal, MA, the director of the Mission: Green project, also renewed his knowledge of basic resuscitation techniques and downloaded the iHELP application. “The BTC Company has been socially responsible from its very start, trying to give back to society in as many ways as possible. Through different projects within Mission: Green we are trying to encourage all our stakeholders towards socially responsible actions and make them aware of the fact that we ourselves are the ones that can contribute the most to the health of the fellow man and the environment. Renewing the knowledge of first aid and the basic resuscitation techniques, as well as joining the iHELP user network is a small, simple gesture that anyone can make today, but has the power to save a person’s life tomorrow. The situation could be reversed, someone could just as easily save your life or the life of your loved ones”, said Mermal.

Andraž Ogorevc, the mastermind behind the iHELP application, expressed his enthusiasm about the socially responsible BTC Company: “Helping a fellow man in need should be seen as one of the fundamental virtues of the modern society. Today we neglect this kind of reaching out due to the lack of time and the pace of our everyday lives. There are many individuals and companies that are helping with spreading the iHELP safety network and we are happy to see anyone who wants to join. The larger the iHELP network of rescue workers, the quicker the help and the safer the local community and individuals.”

Photo: Iztok Dimc, Foto Bomba

The Mission: Safe City project joins several areas of safety within BTC City, from traffic safety, fire safety, property safety and personal safety.

AEDs and the first aid

Daily there are over 30 lifeguards, doctors, security guards and fire fighters present in the BTC City Ljubljana area, all professionally qualified for assisting with the first aid. The visitors can use one of the six AEDs in case of emergency. They are positioned on different locations within the shopping centre; their exact locations can be seen also with the iHELP application.

Dynamically by car, comfortably by bike, safely on foot

12 roundabouts ensure safer and more dynamic traffic which during rush-hours and special events is additionally organised by guiding and directing the traffic participants. The covered car park and over 8,500 free parking places, including the ones for people with disabilities and pregnant women, offer carefree parking; there are also two charging stations available for owners of electric vehicles.

The city transport, the free Citybus and over 400 bicycle parking stands make sure cyclists and pedestrians are taken care of. There are LED lights and speed bumps installed near some pedestrian crossings to ensure greater safety.

Fire safety

The facilities within the BTC City are equipped with sprinkler systems and there are safety curtains in the lifts. Our fully equipped rescue team is present 24 hours a day, and the Ljubljana fire brigade is merely 7 minutes away.

Personal safety

BTC City’s own security team takes care of visitors’ safety and the safety of their belongings 24 hours a day. They are equipped with centrally guided video and anti burglar systems that are constantly updated and regularly maintained, while the security officers are regularly trained and educated, and stay in close contact with the police, the rescue workers and the fire fighters. The safety of the visitors and the employees of BTC City is one of the key goals of the Mission: Green project, which besides ecology, green energy, energy efficiency and social responsibility represents one of the fundamental business guidelines and an important element of the BTC Company development strategy.

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Maja Oven, Director of the Market Communications and Public Relations Sector