The exhibition of clothes made from renowned brand packaging materials “Zapni me s selotejpom” (Button me up with some Sellotape) took place between the 4th and the 20th November 2014 in BTC City. The best dress that impressed the visitors the most, the Barcaffe dress, came from under the skilful hands of Barbara Turk.

All the visitors of BTC City who had the chance to visit the exhibition were able to vote for their favourite dress by filling out the voting papers and handing them in into the voting box. The clothes made from different packaging materials and from the renowned brand packaging were designed by the established Slovenian fashion designers Mojca Celin, Ljubica Čehovin Suna, Tanja Devetak, Urša Drofenik, Nataša Hrupič, Maja Štamol Droljc, Barbara Turk and Alja Viryent Novak.

The clothes are made from renowned brand packaging and packaging materials from the following companies: Droga Kolinska, d. d., Ljubljana, Slovenija; the Bambi Concern, a. d., Požarevac, Srbija; Kras, d. o. o., Sežana, Slovenija; Ljubljanske mlekarne, d. d., Ljubljana, Slovenija; Radgonske Gorice, d. d., Gornja Radgona, Slovenija; and there are also clothes with the emblems of the project partner, BTC City, and the media partner – Radio Center.

The purpose of the “Zapni me s selotejpom” exhibition was to emphasize the importance of the packaging material as an inseparable part of the end product and to educate the consumers about the packaging, its function, meaning, symbols, and especially the importance of the appropriate handling and environment protection.

Miha Mermal of BTC City stressed that “BTC City is very consistent in waste sorting and further recycling of the secondary components. The regular waste collecting shows our responsible handling, together with 24 different kinds of recycling areas for packaging, which are located in BTC City Ljubljana, Murska Sobota and Novo mesto, as well as at the Logistics centre. These locations are also equipped with waste press machines. All these are the reasons we were more than happy to support the notion and the presentation of using packaging in an unconventional manner.”

The project was also supported by the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning of the Republic of Slovenia.

Additional information

Miha Mermal, Director of the Mission: Green unit