From today and up until 20 November 2014 the Hall A (entrance A2) of the BTC City Ljubljana will host a very successful, interesting and socially responsible clothes exhibition entitled “Zapni me s selotejpom” (Button me up with some Sellotape), exhibiting clothes made from packaging materials of renowned brands.

After three successfully carried out educational projects in Zagreb, Belgrade and Sarajevo with primary focus on the “Zapni me s selotejpom” exhibition of clothes made from packaging materials, this time the exhibition of clothes made from renowned brand packaging materials will take place in Ljubljana.

Observing the everyday relations towards the environment presents a clear image; we are fully aware of the importance of the matter in question, however the traces of consumption we leave behind as consumers, speak for themselves. But in reality it is a completely different story. When it comes to supporting your words with actions, the BTC Company has always strived for responsible actions. This is one of the reasons the Company has supported the exhibition in form of a socially responsible project “Packaging – product – consumer – environment protection”.

Jože Mermal, president of the BTC Company Management Board, has on this occasion emphasized that they are “proud to be able to contribute to this excellent exhibition and spread important information in this innovative manner – with the help of clothes made from packaging materials. The BTC Company has come up with a new basis for the business – the Mission: Green project, which is based on sustainable development. On a yearly basis, the Company produces roughly 3500 tons of waste, which is a heavy burden for the environment and a great expense as well. More than 60 % of this waste comes in the form of secondary raw materials, which, with a little imagination, could become a great business opportunity when re-used. An opportunity to do something good; by re-using raw materials and goods we unburden the environment, satisfy consumer needs and add value to the company.”

The exhibition with a strong sustainable and innovative note also shows the design made from the BTC Company’s packaging materials by a renowned Slovenian fashion designer Alja Viryent Novak. The design goes hand in hand with the most colourful event in the BTC City this autumn – the Festival of Shopping and Fun.

The clothes are made from packaging and packaging materials of renowned company brands, e.g. Droga Kolinska, d. d., Ljubljana, Slovenija; the Bambi Concern, a. d., Požarevac, Srbija; Kras, d. o. o., Sežana, Slovenija; Ljubljanske mlekarne, d. d., Ljubljana, Slovenija; Radgonske Gorice, d. d., Gornja Radgona, Slovenija; and there are also clothes with the emblems of the project partner, BTC City, and the media partner, Radio Center.

The clothes made from different packaging materials and of the renowned brand packaging were designed by established Slovenian fashion designers who see a great challenge in entering the world of packaging materials. They are Mojca Celin, Ljubica Čehovin, Tanja Devetak, Urša Drofenik, Nataša Hrupič, Maja Štamol Droljc, Barbara Turk and Alja Viryent Novak.

Additional information

Maja Oven, Director of the Market Communications and Public Relations Sector