The first interactive theme park in Slovenia ? Minicity
Ljubljana ? officially opened its doors with tonights grand opening. The
park allows children
to put on the shoes of adults and in a fun way acquaint
themselves with different occupations and learn about the world that
surrounds them. The
creative childrens city, Minicity Ljubljana, was opened by its
mayor Živa, together with the mayor of the City Municipality of
Ljubljana Zoran
Janković and Jože Mermal, President of the BTC Management Board.
Minicity found its home in BTC City.

The mayor of Ljubljana, Zoran Janković, emphasized
the importance of this creative childrens city, Minicity Ljubljana, for
Ljubljana, by
saying: ?It pleases me to see Ljubljana getting an area where
children are able to experience diverse activities, which allows them to
learn about
different life situations and gain knowledge, with which their
transition to responsible adulthood will be easier. Ljubljana is the
proud holder of the
title European Green Capital 2016 and the first European capital to
be included in the Zero Waste network. The sustainable development of
our city,
something we are really passionate about, is based on the
responsible attitude of all, even our youngest, towards the environment.
I am very proud to see
our public service companies, such as Snaga, Vodovod?Kanalizacija,
Ljubljanski potniški promet and Javni zavod Živalski vrt Ljubljana,
included in the
Minicity project, wherein they encourage children to reduce the
amount of waste, to strive towards the economical use of drinkable
water, and introduce
them to the advantages of using public transport services and be
responsible when dealing with animals. I invite you to visit Minicity
and to learn about
the quality public services in the City Municipality of Ljubljana.?

With the creative childrens city Minicity, BTC gained a partner with
an innovative offer of free-time activities for children, not only on a
but also on a international scale, as pointed out by the President
of the BTC Management Board Jože Mermal, who also
added: ?We see
Minicity Ljubljana as a long-term partner, with whom we want to
cooperate in the development of the first Slovenian centre providing
parents with services
and knowledge needed from the moment they decide to become parents
to the point where they need to conquer tougher challenges, which they
might face with
adolescent children. Of course, all this within our capabilities.?

The mayor of Minicity, Živa, promised the citizens
of the creative childrens city, the kids, lots of fun and new knowledge,
while showing
their parents what their children are really capable of. The grand
opening of Minicity was followed by a game, in which Živa was joined by
children of
several famous Slovene entrepreneurs.

The opening of the creative childrens city Minicity Ljubljana was
attended by the leading representatives of 31 Slovenian and foreign
companies and public
institutions, who are all co-creating this childrens city. The
Minicity team spruced up the programme with dancing and singing
surprises for grownups as
well as for the children.

Minicity Ljubljana is open all days of the week. More information
can be found on the Facebook page of Minicity Ljubljana and on the