The BTC Company has once again shown its support for the
Slovenian gymnastics team at the Atlantis Water Park. Signing new
sponsor contracts with eight
gymnasts, the BTC Company aims to strengthen the development of
Slovenian gymnastics in 2015.

Among the eight BTC-sponsored gymnasts this year there are two
women, namely Teja Belak and Saša Golob, the renowned gymnasts Mitja
Petkovšek, Sašo
Bertoncelj, Alen Dimic, Rok Klavora, and Žiga Šilc, and the young
aspiring talent Luka Kišek. Over the past year, all of them achieved
numerous outstanding
results, which placed them at the very top at various gymnastics

The contract-signing ceremony was held at the Professional health
centre of the Atlantis Water Park. Upon signing the agreement,

Jože Mermal, president of the BTC Management Board, emphasized
the importance of supporting our gymnasts and advancing gymnastics as a
way of life

: ?Supporting athletes and sports events is not merely an investment
in individuals and in the company. It is above all an investment in the
development of
Slovenian sport, which, along with the promotion of sport as a
healthy way of life, presents an investment in the future. This year,
national and
international competitions will be held, where we will have the
chance to cheer for our gymnasts and take our sports culture even
further. I have no doubt
that we will have several opportunities to celebrate their success.?

The ceremony was given a special flavour by the attendance of Miroslav Cerar, legendary Slovenian gymnast and one of the most successful
Slovenian athletes of all times. Ivan Levak, president of the Slovenian Gymnastics Federation,
expressed his content about the renewed
cooperation: ?We are happy about today?s event, which once again
proved that gymnastics ranks high among the most important sports in
Slovenia. A special
appreciation goes to the BTC Company, which transcends a mere
sponsor relationship, and, naturally, to Jože Mermal, who can be
described as a genuine
patron of gymnastics. We are proud of our long-lasting cooperation,
based on mutual trust and support, resulting in our gymnasts? success.?

The BTC Company is one of the leading actors in the field of social
responsibility and sustainable development in Slovenia. Numerous
investments in
socially responsible projects have become an inseparable part of the
company?s business model. The year 2014 alone saw over 200 different
sponsorships and
donations of the Company, with several activities already starting
in 2015 as well. This way, the BTC Company presents opportunities for
individuals as
well as organisations that want to present themselves in their own
field at home and abroad. At the same time, these endeavours also affect
satisfaction and the number of visitors in the shopping centres,
strengthen the reputation and raise the value of the BTC Company.

Foto: Studio Bomba

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Maja Oven, Director of the Market Communications and Public Relations Sector;