DonnAkademy BTC City academy whose main sponsor is BTC City Ljubljana will take place in the form of courses in the Crystal Palace between 12th and 14th May 2016 and between 19th and 21st May 2016. Upon the conclusion of the academy, each participant will receive a degree of a successfully concluded course, while the best participant chosen by the course instructors will also receive an award for her “transformation”.

Bernarda Marovt who established DonnAkademy years ago in Italy and who is now offering her unique educational course to all the women in Slovenia explains: “In the scope of DonnAkademy BTC City, ladies will be able to discover all the characteristics of beauty, hidden in every woman, the secrets of charisma, and how to become an attractive woman and improve on their womanhood.”

The academy is organised by a group of eight experts from different fields of expertise with the intention of developing human potential and acquiring higher levels of knowledge via educational and experiential developmental approaches. The programme is realised by Majda Vodopivec (psychologist), Maja Ferme (stylist), Jasmina Granduč (shopping advisor), Ksenija Pehlič (make-up artist), Matjaž Rogale (hair stylist), Urška Dolinšek (personal trainer), Nina Gazibara (expert on posture and walk), and Lidija Škorja (nutritionist).

Since the academy is also based on psychology, the course participants will hear some useful instructions on how to gain self-esteem, overcome own boundaries, strengthen their character and deal with worries or express their feelings. Besides that they will also learn how to love themselves and others and with that become a more courageous and optimistic women with a will to live. They will learn how to improve their inner balance, develop their personality and contribute to greater personal growth. Since the programme emphasises inner and outer beauty, it includes advice on proper nutrition, lectures on the importance of exercise and maintaining physical shape, as well as healthy skin and hair. Upon concluding the academy, the participants will know how to follow fashion trends and apply them to their own personal and business style.

The academy DonnAkademy is looking to expand internationally to other European countries, including Serbia, Austria, Switzerland, and Poland. In regards to the peculiarities of each mentioned country, and taking into account the interest, mentality and the needs of the people, the programme will include meetings with a modified selection of ten thematic areas. This is a project that connects different nationalities and cultures.

The Slovenian version of DonnAkademy BTC City is organised under the sponsorship of the BTC Company in BTC City Ljubljana, which is one of the largest business, shopping, recreational, entertainment, and cultural centres in Europe. As such, it offers numerous possibilities of business cooperation, socialising and quality free time activities, thus it is also a perfect choice to host the first academy for women in Slovenia. More information on the DonnAkademy BTC City is available at DonnAkademy.

About Bernarda Marovt

Bernarda Marovt is the first renowned Slovenian model, who made it all the way to the top of both, European and world scale. Bernarda was crowned Miss Yugoslavia in 1983 and was awarded the title Miss Photogenic of the world at the Miss World competition. Among other titles, she was also crowned Italy’s Top Model in 1990. In 1992 she was given the title Europe’s Top Model and in the same year received the title of the most photographed face in the world and the lifetime achievement award. In 2000, the magazine Jana crowned her with the title Slovenian beauty of the century.

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