The app includes a precise navigation feature, which shows the way and guides visitors to the selected shop or bar, or lets them know where they have parked their car. The app is available for mobile phones with iOS and Android operating systems.

BTC City of Opportunities mobile app is an indispensable companion of the visitors of BTC City Ljubljana. It joins all the opportunities in one place and gives general information about BTC City, along with contact information, opening hours, and the location of vendors within the entire area of BTC City, offering the visitors an improved shopping experience.

How the BTC City of Opportunities app works

Upon the arrival to the BTC City Ljubljana area, the visitors are able to mark in the BTC City of Opportunities app the spot where they have parked their cars. Using an advanced search engine in the app, they are able to search for shops, brands, services, or products to which they are led by a precise navigation feature. Due to a special technology the navigation can be operated also within Hall A. Therefore, the way to shops and bars is now easier than ever. After you are finished with your errands, the app will show you where your car is parked.

Information on discounts always at hand

By using the BTC City of Opportunities app, BTC City visitors can stay in touch with current discounts and novelties from the vendors in BTC City at all times. The users can select the categories they are interested in, while the app makes sure they receive a detailed notification on their mobile phone every time there is a new discount or a novelty.

The mobile app BTC City of Opportunities was created in the scope of the BTC Company’s business pillar for innovations and digitalisation, established last year. Within the perspective of building an innovative and smart city BTC City Ljubljana, the BTC Company has been realising numerous projects based on modern technologies. With new approaches, the BTC Company offers faster and more efficient cooperation to its business partners, as well as useful services, a better shopping experience, and multi-channel information to its visitors.

The BTC City of Opportunities app is free to download from the App Store and Google Play. Additional information (in Slovene only).


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