With this event, a unique exhibition area opened next to Atlantis
Water Park, and became the largest exhibition venue for creative
industries and arts in Slovenia. The opening event was attended by
representatives of the organiser and other distinguished guests, namely
President of the BTC Management Board Jože Mermal, head of Institute
AAMI and principal organiser of the 1st Art Expo Ljubljana Miha Murn, and Mayor of the City of Ljubljana Zoran Janković.

It is their support for the advancement of culture in Slovenia that
has brought together BTC and Institute AAMI, and initiated the project
Art Expo Ljubljana, which takes place for the first time this year. Art
Expo Ljubljana represents a new feature, one that endows Slovenia and
BTC City Ljubljana with a new dimension. It unites all kinds of creative
industries and arts in one spot, and helps young artists to break onto
the market. It provides a platform for the promotion of culture, as well
as the development and networking of domestic and foreign creators,
cultural organisations, as well as art fans and supporters from 15

Alongside the main event, visitors can always embark on an “Art
Tour”, a walk among artworks in BTC City Ljubljana, which lives and
breathes as a city of culture and art. “In the BTC Company, we have
embraced art as our own ever since the very beginning of our operations.
Proof of this is the SiTi Teater theatre, our support for events and
creators, and our art collection, a part of which is exhibited in BTC
City Ljubljana. With Art Expo Ljubljana, BTC City Ljubljana brings
together 15 countries in one place, while also strengthening its own
cultural dimension and offerings. BTC’s support is a tribute to creators
and helps young and up-and-coming artists,” said President of the BTC Management Board Jože Mermal, showing his support for the event, the artists, and culture in general.

The BTC Company is involved in different sections of social life.
Ever since its incorporation in 1954, it has supported various types of
creativity, including music, theatre, fine art, design, architecture,
and other kinds of cultural creation. It is the founder of SiTi Teater
and a supporter of diverse artists. It boasts an extensive art
collection of timeless artworks by domestic and foreign artists, to
which it continuously adds new items. Today, the art collection consists
of more than 400 artworks, some of which are interspersed throughout
the entire area of BTC City Ljubljana. At the 1st Art Expo
Ljubljana, visitors can get even closer to art and experience the
cultural content of the “Art Tour” with a walk among the exhibited
artworks in the lovely environment of BTC City Ljubljana.

With a
rich cultural programme spanning 14 days, Art Expo Ljubljana will
provide a platform for more than 140 artists and 70 companies, and will
also offer visitors a mesh of musical performances and other cultural
events. The closing event of the project will take place on 1 October

The event programme of the 1st Art Expo Ljubljana.

Map of all the “Art Tour”
artworks exhibited in BTC City Ljubljana next to Atlantis Water Park,
at the address Šmartinska cesta 152, the location of ART Expo (in
Slovene only).

About Institute AAMI

Institute AAMI creates new opportunities for the expansion of
activities of artists and projects, and fosters the advancement of all
natural and legal persons active in culture and the arts. The purpose of
the institute is to help different creators introduce themselves on the
market. It provides them with exhibition space, promotion, and services
relating to artwork sale. A constituent part of the institute’s
operations is raising awareness and educating the general public about
art. The institute is furthermore expanding its activities beyond
Slovene borders, encouraging artistic exchange and artist development
with its subsidiary in Prague, and from 2018 onwards also in Hong Kong.


Additional information:

Maja Oven, Director of the Market Communication and Public Relations Sector;