The BTC City Market in Ljubljana will be given a fresh look. This week saw the start of the renovation works of the outdoor part of the covered area of the Open Market BTC City, in the scope of which the BTC Company will renovate the market’s northern and southern entrances, freshen up the vegetable and fruit stands, and position new stands for the sale of textiles. The renovation will provide the open market with greater accessibility for all visitors and will be underway all throughout summer; it is expected to be concluded by the end of September 2018. During the renovation works, visitors will have access to approximately half of the outdoor part of the market.

The Open Market BTC City has always been a lively crossroads for all visitors and lies at the heart of social happenings in BTC City Ljubljana. The renovation works on the Open Market BTC City will be divided into two parts, starting off at the southern end and continuing at the northern end of the market area.

The planned renovation will make the outdoor part of the market even more pleasant and inviting for all visitors and business partners. The renovation of the northern and southern entrances to the market will make them primary access points for all visitors. In the western part of the market, the steps will be renovated, while some urban equipment, including benches, ramps for handicapped people and trash bins, will also be added. Vegetable and fruits stands will also be renovated, while stands for the sale of textiles will be added. The latter will be positioned in the indoor part of the market, which will ensure a better view of the interior of the non-covered part of the market. Changing areas for trying on clothing will also be set up.

Upon the start of the renovation works, Miha Mermal, chief marketing officer and chief sustainability officer at the BTC Company, pointed out the importance of the market for the company: “The market’s hustle and bustle can be felt at every step, especially in the outdoor part of the market, which changes its look and colour along with the changing seasons. The BTC Company knows that the Open Market BTC City’s offer will remain at a high level only by providing high quality items that meet the specific needs of our visitors. The renovation of the outdoor part of the covered market area is one of the ways of preserving the special character of the market, which invites numerous visitors to shop, have a relaxing chat and enjoy various events.”

A special feature of the Open Market BTC City is without a doubt the variety of its offer, especially its high quality selection of local produce and items from Slovenian farms. Throughout the years, the available offer and look of the market have been upgraded. The market was opened in 1995, when it constituted the largest covered market area in Slovenia. In 2004, during its first major renovation works, the area saw the introduction of new stand-covers, a reconstruction of its facade, and the addition of new sales equipment. In 2006, the offer was enriched by the opening of the organic market. In 2014, the renovation of the southern market area led to its expansion with four new shops and bars, as well as a pet store. In 2016, the Open Air BTC Food Court City was established for all fans of street food. Last year, the flower part of the market area was renovated; flowers, ornamental plants, and bushes are now sold at modern, covered sales points.

The Open Market BTC City renovation project reflects the successful implementation of the BTC Company’s developmental strategy and the revitalisation of the BTC City Ljubljana area with the aim of providing a pleasant environment for the well-being of all visitors, employees, and business partners. The BTC Company regularly maintains neat streets in the area and its surroundings; currently, renovation works are underway in the streets Grška ulica and Hrvaška ulica, where pathways, additional pavements, and bike paths are being constructed, all with the aim of ensuring greater accessibility to the BTC City Ljubljana area. Not only the Open Market BTC City but the entire area of BTC City Ljubljana will boast a more pleasant atmosphere, reaffirming the status of the area as a well-managed urban and visitor-friendly business, shopping, cultural, and entertainment centre.


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