Starting on 1st October, Open Market BTC City will limit the use of plastic bags in the scope of the campaign “Bye bye plastics. Hello nature.” in which BTC wishes to raise awareness among their visitors and the tenants of the sales spots next to the market regarding the damaging impact of plastic bags on the environment and at the same time encourage the use of sustainable bags. During the campaign – along with other activities – the tenants at the market will in October receive over 100,000 paper bags for free which will present one of the alternatives that will gradually substitute the current use of plastic bags.

Starting on 1st October, Open Market BTC City in BTC City Ljubljana restricted business tenants at the sale spots the use and sale of plastic carrier bags, light plastic and very light plastic carrier bags, except for groceries on sale at the fish market. As an alternative to plastic carrier bags, the use and sale of eco-friendly bags such as paper bags, cotton bags, biodegradable bags with “OK compost” certificate and reusable multi-purpose bags will be encouraged at BTC. As part of the campaign, 10,000 free paper carrier bags with FSC-certified paper from sustainable source that can be disposed of in paper or compost trash, and 100,000 paper grocery bags will be distributed to tenants at the Open Market BTC City in October.

Miha Mermal, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Sustainability Officer at BTC, emphasised: “At BTC, within the business unit Mission: Green, we are introducing a number of sustainable projects with which we aim to work responsibly towards people and the environment. This is how we designed the campaign ‘Bye bye plastics. Hello nature.’ with which we would like to invite visitors and business partners to join our mission of reducing the use of plastic bags that present a heavy burden for our environment, and to use multi-purpose eco-friendly bags instead and this way carry the responsibility towards nature with them all the time. With this project, we are joining global movements that are starting to change consumer purchasing habits and are introducing sustainable solutions regarding the use of carrier bags in order to reduce pollution.

Along with the limited use of plastic bags, other activities of the “Bye bye plastics. Hello nature.” campaign are taking place at Open Market BTC City as well as on the BTC City website and BTC City social networks in order to raise awareness of visitors. Through various contents, the campaign will encourage consumers to protect the environment and to use paper bags or own reusable carrier bags, bags or baskets. Thus, in collaboration with the Smetumet Society, various contents and tips on how everyone can make their own sustainable bag are being prepared.

On Saturday, 5th October 2019, an Autumn Fair will be held at the Open Market BTC City between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m., where visitors will be able to taste the aromas of traditional and modern autumn dishes. During the fair, there will be a workshop at the market where visitors will learn how to make their own reusable bag. BTC’s “Green Agents” will hand out paper bags and tips on how each of us can contribute to the environment with simple acts.

Sustainable action has been at the forefront of BTC’s development for over 15 years, and since 2014, environmental projects have been implemented in the scope of business unit Mission: Green. Through many green projects, significant improvements in the areas of responsible water and waste management, energy efficiency, safety and transport, promotion of innovativeness and social responsibility are introduced. Among other things, circular economy is being encouraged and green economy projects are implemented through waste management improvements. As ambassadors of sustainable development, the company is spreading and promoting eco-friendly practices, encouraging visitors, business partners and employees of their shopping centres to act in a sustainable and responsible manner, leaving green footprints in the environment.


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Bye bye plastics. Hello nature.

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