At the assembly of the company BTC, d. d., which was held on 20 May 2022 and was attended by the company’s shareholders with a capital share of over 95%, the company’s annual report for the year 2021 was presented. All the resolutions were passed with a 100 percent majority. The company’s 2021 net profit amounting to EUR 11,752,387.96 will be used for: shareholder dividends in the amount of EUR 13.00 gross per share, which is a total of EUR 2,892,292.00, while a net profit amounting to EUR 8,860,095.96 will remain undistributed. The assembly also voted Ernst & Young to be the auditors for the next three years and authorized the company’s Board of Directors to buy own shares. The assembly further granted a discharge to the company’s Board of Directors.

In 2021, despite the pandemic, the company BTC, d. d., performed better than projected and created EUR 72.4 million of net turnover, which is 8.9 percent more than in 2020. The net profit or loss amounted to EUR 6.5 million, which is 10.7 percent more than in 2020. The company realized EUR 5.1 million of investments, laying new foundations for future growth, furthering its business performance and competitiveness, and implementing other sustainable projects. Its business operations were stable and fair to its business partners, shareholders and employees, as well as the broader social environment. Good performance results were a consequence of reinforcing strategic partnerships, the successful implementation of key strategic projects, a good and stable financial policy, and the successful work of employees. The company maintained a solid financial structure and its cash flow enabled ample liquidity. The company BTC, d. d., implemented a stable financial policy, which encompassed a range of activities, from payment of claims to agreements with banks on better financial terms and the partial payment of long-term loans. In 2021, the company received the platinum credit rating for the third year already, which testifies to the above-average financial trustworthiness of the company in Slovenia and internationally.

In 2021, during the pandemic, the company BTC, d. d., provided a safe and stable environment for employees, business partners and visitors, it ensured uninterrupted and high-quality business processes in the field of real estate management and logistics services, and fulfilled commitments to its business partners. The company’s BTC Cities have successfully implemented a number of bold projects to strengthen the hybrid and digital concept of the Cities. A strategic partnership was forged with IKEA, with which BTC, d. d., already cooperates in various fields (facility management, sustainable development). Meanwhile, the company’s long-term partner Big Bang undertook a complete renovation to position itself as a modern shopping destination. A consolidation of long-term and successful strategic partnerships was brought about by a new ten-year contract with the Unicredit bank, which refurbished its branch office in BTC City Ljubljana with a combination of innovative and digital upgrades. With the opening of the entertainment centre WOOP! Arena and new partnerships with the global companies Huawei and tretton37, the company is expanding its portfolio of activities and ensuring additional stability in its business operations. Atlantis Water Park, the years-long recipient of the Best Wellness Award, carried out extensive renovations and modernizations during the pandemic-induced closure, developing its wellness offerings into a modern, holistic centre for leisure and relaxation at an even higher level. Based on extensive investments, the company’s strategic partner Spar Slovenia completely renovated the Interspar store in BTC City Murska Sobota, which now offers visitors a modern and pleasant shopping experience.

In 2021, the BTC Logistics Centre made great strides towards upgrading its IT system and introducing an autonomous commissioning vehicle. An additional breakthrough in logistics is the development of a competence development centre, which positions the BTC Logistics Centre as a centre of knowledge and brings added value to BTC, d. d., as well as its business partners. In 2021, logistics expanded its business with new business partners and new services for existing partners.

The BTC PROP business unit consolidated its position as one of the largest commercial and retail real estate managers in the region and upgraded its know-how in operational-technical, administrative-accounting and financial reporting areas. In the past year, it also entered the field of multi-ownership building management.

In 2021, BTC, d. d., remained faithful to its strategy of investing in young, innovative companies. In cooperation with partners Eligma and Lab4Pay, the modern digital payment platform Elly POS was created. The company has been very successful in monetizing its investment in the OriginTrail startup, where it has achieved a more than ten-fold increase on its ICO. In the second half of 2021, in cooperation with MRGT, SPIRIT Slovenia and DIH Slovenia, another successful and resounding project was launched, the Slovenian Digital Center, which hosted many domestic and foreign economic and governmental organizations as a hub of innovation and digitalization.

In 2021, BTC, d. d., successfully fulfilled its mission in the spirit of sustainable development and implemented numerous environmentally and socially responsible projects in various fields, such as sports, culture and science, thus building foundations for the good of the environment and the wider community. It successfully organized important international projects, including the traditional Marathon Franja BTC City, which celebrated its 40th anniversary, and the FIS Women’s Ski Jumping World Cup in Ljubno ob Savinji, which was joined at the end of the year by the women’s ski jumping Silvester Tournament. BTC, d. d., continued to implement projects aimed at increasing green areas by planting approx. 40 new honey trees, as well as greenifying the canopies of LPP stations and two walls of the indoor car park facade. As a partner, the company participated in four European Horizon 2020 projects: Phoenix (energy grid security), Matrycs (big data), Creators (energy communities) and Appraise (security). The second phase of the NEDO smart grid project was completed successfully with a view to securing Ljubljana’s power supply.

For 2022, BTC, d. d., is planning EUR 79.4 million in net sales revenue with planned investments in the amount of EUR 10.4 million. In line with the company’s ambitious development strategy until 2025 entitled “Quality of life as inspiration for the BTC company’s multidimensional development”, the company will implement key strategic directions to increase visits to its physical and virtual BTC Cities and to provide its visitors with a first-class multi-channel shopping experience. It will develop innovative and digital information solutions and services in the field of logistics. With the BTC PROP business unit, it will strengthen its position in the real estate and property management market. It will continue to strengthen strategic partnerships and develop its innovation ecosystem by investing in promising young companies and startups. It will actively contribute to climate neutrality through a number of sustainable projects in the field of greenifying facades, roofs and islands, energy projects aimed at energy independence, and the development of sustainable mobility. The company BTC, d. d., continues to grow and create together with people and organizations sharing its values.


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