Compliant with its mission of transforming into an energy-efficient company, this year, the BTC Company will set up two new solar photovoltaic plants on two buildings in BTC City Ljubljana. The project presents a new step toward green future and carbon neutrality. It is carried out in cooperation with Resalta, a company managing energy resources.

New photovoltaic plants will be set up on the roofs of Shopping Arena 7 and Atlantis Water Park and will annually produce 455 MWh of green energy and reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 222 tonnes. Today, the BTC company produces energy from renewable resources with already three existing solar plants set up in the BTC Logistics Centre, on the southern façade of the Crystal Palace and in BTC City Murska Sobota. With these three solar plants and the co-production of heat energy, the BTC company produced 1.7 million kWh of green energy in 2021.

“In the scope of its sustainable development strategy, an important part of the BTC company’s operations is represented by the company’s transformation into an energy-efficient company implemented through numerous projects and the realisation of constant improvements in energy management. In this aspect, the BTC company follows, as one of the key guidelines, the increase in the share of renewable resources of energy with the aim of strengthening energy self-supply. New solar plants are an additional contribution to the green transformation and positioning BTC City Ljubljana as one of the greenest urban centres in Europe,” explained Damjan Kralj, Chief Executive Officer at BTC.

At Resalta, we are proud to have been recognised as a trustworthy partner by the BTC company in its transformation into an energy-efficient company. We believe that by setting up solar plants, the BTC company will gain renewable and clean energy and thereby make a significant step closer to the green transformation and the decrease in carbon footprint,” said Luka Komazec, CEO of the Resalta Group.

Already for two decades, the BTC company’s business operations have been sustainable as the company has implemented projects that contribute to sustainable development. In 2021, the BTC company has adopted a new, ambitious development strategy until 2025 with the focus on Society 5.0, and the sustainable development strategy which both follow the global environmental and social trends and tackle the current challenges. Both strategies even more firmly emphasise sustainable development, put nature, energy and people (society) to the forefront and establish an ambitious vision toward a carbon-free BTC company. One of the company’s most significant strategic areas is energy and the sustainable approach to energy management. For more than ten years, the company has been striving to rationalise the consumption of electricity and heat energy and to implement new alternative energy resources in BTC City Ljubljana. The adopted commitment to reduce carbon footprint is the BTC company’s response to the challenges of global warming in cities and at the same time its contribution to the green future also in urban centres. In the field of energy supply and consumption, the BTC company has set several objectives: increase in self-supply with renewable energy resources, efficient energy consumption, target monitoring of energy consumption, preventive maintenance of energy systems, implementation of new technologies, participation in energy initiatives and sustainable green projects which contribute to the decrease in the BTC company’s carbon footprint.

Resalta is the leading provider of energy solutions stemming from renewable energy resources in Central and Southeast Europe, providing its services across seven markets in the region. It is a dynamic and fast-growing company which is cooperating with public and private customers in financing, designing and implementing projects to decrease energy consumption and CO2 emissions and encourage sustainable development while ensuring cost savings.

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Two New Solar Plants in BTC City