From 21 September to 26 October, BTC Campus Ljubljana 2022 took place in BTC City Ljubljana for a new generation of young job seekers. Once again, the intensive 5-week programme welcomed 30 participants who acquired or strengthened their business competencies and as a result gained new employment opportunities. The programme has been made possible by the BTC company in collaboration with the Employment Service of Slovenia and the Center of Business Excellence of the Ljubljana Faculty of Economics.

BTC Campus is a unique programme designed to help unemployed young talent, which has been organised by the BTC company and its partners for 9 years. Within the framework of the innovative programme, participants with different educational backgrounds apply the Design Thinking method to real-world challenges, while lecturers make sure that everything is kept up-to-date with the relevant current events and developments. This year, the programme’s common thread was generation Z, their habits, needs and expectations. Classes were once again prepared and conducted by lecturers from the Center of Business Excellence of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Ljubljana, Dr. Rok Stritar, Dr. Blaž Zupan and Marjan Kramar. The participants spent five weeks preparing projects, which they subsequently presented to the professors, project partners and other attendees at the closing event, which took place on October 26, 2022.

The programme provides additional education to young people looking for employment opportunities. It is aimed at acquiring specific additional knowledge, skills, insights and professional guidance. In this way, the BTC company and its project partners are creating a better future and more opportunities for young people, who have a chance to take full advantage of their potential in seeking employment or starting their own business.

The high confidence levels of young people who have gained the motivation and audacity necessary for recognising and realising new career opportunities testify to the BTC Campus’s success. Data show that following the previous years’ programmes, altogether involving over 350 participants, more than 80 percent of the programme participants found employment or started their own business.


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