The BTC Company is strengthening its logistics by opening a new sustainable Central Warehouse Zalog which it will take over from an outside strategic partner and thereby strengthen its position on the market as one of the largest logisticians in the FMCG field. The facility with the surface of 40,000 m2 will be located near the Ljubljana motorway ring road and will be used for storing and fast moving of consumer goods for everyday use.

With its surface of 40,000 m2, the new sustainable Central Warehouse Zalog will provide storage for 45,000 pallet spaces, thereby increasing the current warehouse capacities. In compliance with the new sustainability focus of the BTC Company, the new facility will be sustainable since it will have its own solar plant spanning across 34,000 m2, a green roof, floor heating with a heat pump (water-water), two own geothermal holes and smart LED lighting. The storage facility will be managed with innovative, sophisticated and reliable technology which includes a modern information system and advanced solutions for optimisation of logistics procedures. The pick-up and storage of goods will be possible in different temperature regimes, on as many as 40 combined entry-exit ramps. The new centre will open its doors at the beginning of 2024.

The sustainable Central Warehouse at the junction of regional and international supply routes in Ljubljana – Zalog will be intended mainly for storing and fast moving of consumer goods for everyday use (FMCG) with the option of adapting capacities for other goods – for the distribution of goods on the Slovenian market and also as a starting point for export of goods to the nearby Adriatic region and Slovenia’s neighbouring countries.

“The BTC Logistics is writing its story of the growth of strategic partnerships, advanced technology and sustainable logistics concept. We follow these guidelines also with the new sustainable Central Warehouse Zalog which will be used for storing goods and FMCG to end-buyers, whilst its procedure will be followed by an experienced team ensuring a quality service as the key priority from the beginning to the end. With this new facility, we will strengthen the company’s logistics and at the same time optimise the operations of decentralised warehouses. Currently, our daily norm is 11,000 transported goods pallets, 1,200 end customers and 300 loaded lorries,” said Robi Košir, Director of BTC Logistics.

With its current capacities, the BTC Logistics Centre provides logistics services with 100,000 m2 of warehouse capacities to the leading local and regional business partners, such as Spar, Petrol, Atlantic Group, Podravka, Barilla, Dr. Oetker, Renault, Storck, Rittal, etc. In the scope of own competence centre as a centre of knowledge, they encourage forming efficient supply chains by using modern technological solutions.


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