The BTC Company is entering autumn with renovated premises and overhauled services in the Atlantis Water Park wellness centre. As the largest urban wellness centre in central Slovenia, the renovated wellness centre in BTC City Ljubljana’s Atlantis Water Park offers customers a holistic experience with a well-considered, remodelled combination of pools, massages and saunas. With this milestone achievement, the BTC Company is bringing additional value to Ljubljana and the entire central Slovenian region, since urban wellness is popular with both locals and tourists. At the same time, it follows global trends in the wellness industry aligned with the emergence of peaceful oases in urban environments.

With its continuous development of BTC City, the BTC company keeps providing its customers with new products and services that are friendly to the city, nature and people. An important milestone in this direction is the remodelled Atlantis Water Park wellness centre, which, after the completion of the first and most extensive part of the renovation, offers a unique comprehensive experience for fans of swimming, massages and saunas. Customers can relax in the comfortable renovated rest areas in Sauna Land or the Thermal Temple, which, besides the new rest areas, also gained several private corners and is now connected to the Asian Massage Centre. All the premises dedicated to rest and relaxation, hospitality and social activities have been renovated. The customers can also enjoy new services and programmes. Next year, a separate wellness entrance is to follow, as well as an expansion of the services on offer. The renovated urban wellness centre extends over three floors on an area of 2,800 m2 and is considered the largest urban wellness centre in central Slovenia.

At the opening of the renovated wellness centre in Atlantis Water Park, Damjan Kralj, MSc, the CEO of the BTC Company, pointed out: “The renovation of the wellness centre in Atlantis Water Park is an important milestone adding to its transformation from a water park to an urban wellness centre that provides customers with a comprehensive experience. We have renovated the rest areas in Sauna Land, connected the pools in the Thermal Temple and the Asian Massage Centre, added new products and services, and brought everything together in a unified whole taking a holistic approach. This is our answer to our fast-paced world, which requires high-quality rest and relaxation, both of which can be found in the peaceful oasis of an urban wellness centre. With this move, BTC City is becoming the wellness destination of choice for locals and tourists alike.”

Cities are fast becoming popular wellness and healthy leisure destinations all over the world. The rise of urban wellness can be considered a trend that gained global momentum after the pandemic. This includes new modern spas (saunas, steam rooms, pools), large water parks, focused on wellness, and public parks. Key here are the guidelines observed by wellness services providers: physical accessibility, accessible prices and inclusivity. This has led to a renaissance of peaceful urban oases, city spas, saunas, public parks and playgrounds, which combine nature and wellness.


Renovated wellness centre in Atlantis Water Park