BTC City Ljubljana’s Atlantis Water Park is celebrating its 18th birthday after welcoming more than 3.5 million guests throughout its lifetime. One of the largest indoor water parks in Europe, the winner of 17 Best Spa and 11 Best Wellness titles, chose to celebrate its coming of age by throwing a proper birthday party. 

To celebrate its 18th birthday, Atlantis Water Park prepared an entertainment programme with games for children, creative workshops, funny antics with the Atlas mascot, and a number of other surprises. “On our birthday, just like any other day, we wanted to make sure that the visitors can relax, have fun and hang out together in a world of unforgettable water experiences and other indulgences on offer in Atlantis Water Park,” said Nataša Keršič Razinger, Director of Atlantis Water Park, adding: “To provide all of our guests with a superior experience is the main focus of our services. We are celebrating our birthday together with our guests and looking with pride on each and every one of our 18 years, during which time we kept expanding our services, improving them, and introducing sustainable solutions that benefit our planet.” 

Upon this anniversary, Damjan Kralj, M.Sc., CEO of the BTC Company, said: “When it opened in April 2005, Atlantis Water Park was an important addition to BTC City Ljubljana, beneficial to tourism in Ljubljana and Slovenia as a whole. We are proud that in 18 years, Atlantis Water Park has attracted many Slovenian and international visitors who want to spend quality leisure time, have fun or relax.”

For years, Atlantis Water Park has rounded off the offerings available in BTC City Ljubljana. Since the beginning, it has been the place for family adventures with pools and slides, children’s programmes, and pampering and relaxation services with saunas and massages, expanding its offerings significantly throughout the years. With the renovation of all the indoor premises in Sauna Land and its wellness services, the first phase of the multi-year urban wellness centre development project was completed last fall. As the largest urban wellness centre in central Slovenia, taking up three floors and 2,800 m2 of surface area, the renovated wellness centre in Atlantis Water Park offers guests a holistic experience with a well-considered and remodelled combination of pools, massages and saunas. In this way, the BTC company aligns with global trends in the wellness industry and the emergence of peaceful oases in urban environments.

The renovation of the wellness area entailed a new range of sauna programmes and rituals, which already represent one of the main reasons for visiting the urban wellness centre in Atlantis Water Park. In addition to 14 saunas, guests can enjoy various relaxation therapies with salt, mud, chocolate, algae or different fragrances, as well as other programmes, such as air whirling, sound baths with crystals, hammam and gong therapy. In the mine sauna, for example, therapy with menthol crystals, which helps relax the airways during the sauna session, takes place in April. In the herbal sauna, the herbalist carefully selects natural herbs that change with the changing of the seasons, allowing for the best possible effect on the body. In the spring months, sweet wormwood is used, which contains more than 20 active ingredients and helps with many ailments. This will be replaced by thyme in the warmer months of the year. The resonant sound of the large gong also has an intense effect on the body, mind and spirit, transporting the guests into a world of deep relaxation during gong therapy.

The varied offer of Atlantis Water Park is aimed at guests of all ages, with special activities planned for children. In 18 years, as many as 18,000 children learned to swim in the Atlantis pools, 18,000 children celebrated their birthdays there, and 42,000 children enjoyed the Atlantis water adventures during their holidays.

Atlantis Water Park celebrates its 18th birthday