The BTC Company has been one of the partners in the European MATRYCS project, which aims to develop applications for monitoring and managing data on the use of all types of energy sources to optimise energy supply in buildings in relation to environmental and user impacts. The three-year project is coming to its end at the end of this year, and the first results of the pilot project in BTC City Ljubljana, which served as a testing ground for the newly developed solutions, are already available.

As part of the European MATRYCS project, which started at the end of 2020 and involves several partners from across Europe, with BTC City Ljubljana, the BTC Company participated as one of the 11 pilot project sites. Carrying out the project in the area, energy data was collected from BTC Business Tower, Atlantis Water Park, and BTC Logistics Centre. In these facilities, the BTC Company collects and processes a wide range of data in relation to electricity, heating, water consumption, temperature, fan airflow, etc. In managing this data, in the scope of the project, analytics services and the MATRYCS Toolbox were used to automate energy operations and planning processes. The results show that by using these services, the BTC Company is, among other things, achieving more efficient energy management, making faster decisions when deviations occur, while at the same time presenting energy consumption data to business partners more easily.

You can learn more about the MATRYCS project in BTC City Ljubljana here and on the project’s website