BTC City Ljubljana is now exclusively offering visitors a brand new service, the only one of its kind in Slovenia – 100-% electric cargo van through the Avant2Go app. The service allows users to easily transport larger and heavier products to their homes in a spacious and nimble electric cargo van. With the new service, the BTC Company and Avant car are stepping up their efforts to promote sustainable mobility.

As part of the 100% electric cargo van sharing service, available in BTC City Ljubljana in cooperation with Avant2Go, Slovenia’s largest electric car sharing system, visitors can easily rent the spacious, nimble, and driver-friendly Peugeot e-Expert electric cargo van through the innovative and user-friendly Avant2Go 24/7 app. In this way, they can transport even large purchased products to their homes themselves. The vehicles are also suitable for out-of-town transport thanks to their 100-kilowatt engine and powerful battery with a range of up to 330 kilometres (as per the WLTP standard). The first two electric vans are already available in BTC City Ljubljana, at the convenient location in front of the BTC City parking house, between shopping centre Merkur and Big Bang. So far, 10 companies have endorsed this sustainability project, including IKEA, Big Bang and Intersport.

Miha Mermal, Chief Marketing and Sustainability Officer at BTC d. d., said upon the launch of the new service: “At the BTC Company, sustainable mobility is an important part of sustainable development, which is why we promote the use of environmentally friendly forms of mobility and implement various solutions. We are proud to be the first in Slovenia to exclusively offer our visitors the innovative and sustainable option of transporting large purchased products themselves. Because we believe that the path to successful sustainable transformation leads through cooperation, we are delighted to have joined forces with Avant car, which, like the BTC company, supports and develops sustainable mobility services.”

Gašper Žvan, CEO of Avant car, pointed out: “The inclusion of powerful electric cargo vans in the Avant2Go car sharing fleet is a logical step in the development of a service whose mission is to provide clean, user-friendly and accessible mobility for the people. Today, the Avant2Go family already consists of about 40,000 users, with a total of 500 vehicles available at 180 locations across Slovenia. By including cargo vans in BTC City Ljubljana, we have joined forces with our partner, the BTC company, to address the need for clean own transportation of larger products (among other things), which every user is faced with in one way or another at some point, making things easier in this often overlooked segment of mobility.”

According to Avant car, the use of electric car sharing is on the rise, with more than one in 50 Slovenians having already used their service. It is an environmentally friendly and sustainable mode of mobility, as it reduces harmful emissions (all vehicles are 100-% electric), reduces traffic congestion (statistics show that a shared vehicle can replace up to 10 owned vehicles) and contributes to cleaner air (because it does not cause emissions locally).

As part of its sustainability efforts, the BTC Company has been promoting sustainable mobility among its customers, business partners and employees for many years and has been steadily introducing solutions in this area. BTC City Ljubljana already has four electric vehicle sharing locations with 22 charging points, and during the European Mobility Week 10 new parking spaces are to open at two additional locations. In addition, BTC City Ljubljana features 36 charging points for electric vehicles, a car-sharing system for business users, more than 490 parking spaces for cyclists with three bicycle shelters, three automated bicycle rental stations and six automated e-bike rental system stations.

PHOTO: Avant car