Today, the BTC Company signed sponsorship contracts with the Slovenian Gymnastics Federation (GZS), eight talented gymnasts and the rhythmic gymnastics club KRG TIM. By renewing the sponsorship contracts, the company continues its long-term support of Slovenian gymnastics and athletes also in its jubilee year, celebrating 70 years of its business operations. The company has shown its support to GZS as a general sponsor since 2000.

The BTC Company has signed a one-year sponsorship contract and thereby maintains its role as the general sponsor of GZS, the general sponsor of GZS in artistic and rhythmic gymnastics and the general sponsor of GZS programmes also in 2024. The company has also renewed its sponsorship contract with KRG TIM. With its support, the BTC Company significantly contributes to the development and promotion of Slovenian gymnastics and promising athletes in this sports discipline. The support does not only contribute to greater success of clubs but also to uninterrupted training, good training conditions and the participation of athletes in the most important local and international competitions.

The BTC Company also signed personal sponsorship contracts for 2024 with eight talented gymnasts: Teja Belak, Luka Bojanc, Nikolaj Božič, Anže Hribar, Lucija Hribar, Tjaša Kysselef, Ekaterina Vedeneeva and Zala Trtnik. This year, gymnasts will take part in numerous competitions on the national as well as international levels, among which we should particularly mention the Artistic Gymnastics World Cup in Koper (between 30 May and 2 June) and the Summer Olympic Games in Paris. With their amazing results at the qualifying tournaments in 2023, the artistic gymnast Lucija Hribar and the rhythmic gymnast Ekaterina Vedeneeva qualified for this most important international sports event.

Upon signing the contracts, Damjan Kralj, M.Sc., Chief Executive Officer of the BTC Company and President of the Slovenian Gymnastics Federation, pointed out: “We at the BTC Company believe that inspiring success stories are written by long-term cooperation and partnership. Our long-term support of Slovenian gymnastics and the Slovenian Gymnastics Federation definitely attests to this fact. With their hard work and persistence, determined gymnasts develop their talent, achieve excellent results and live out their sports dreams on the wings of our support. That’s why we are proud and excited to look back at their numerous accomplishments in the past season which brought two qualifications for the Olympics. The BTC Company believes in our athletes and their potential to write new success stories. I am certain that in 2024, Slovenian gymnastics and all loyal fans of our gymnasts will have new reasons for feeling proud and excited.”

As part of its socially responsible activities, the BTC Company is a long-standing supporter of numerous sports clubs, organisations and athletes. In 2024, as the company marks 70 years of its existence, they will continue to support numerous sports, especially gymnastics, which after more than two decades of support holds a special place in their sponsorship activities. With its sponsorship activities, the company will strive toward strengthening and promoting sports and encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle among all generations also in the company’s jubilee year.

PHOTO: Studio Bomba