BTC Campus - BTC d.d.
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BTC Campus

The unique program that helps young unemployed talents has been organised by BTC in collaboration with the Business Excellence Centre of Ljubljana’s Faculty of Economics and the Unemployment office of the Republic of Slovenia since 2013.

The innovative BTC Campus program is a three month business training course for young unemployed persons. It provides assistance in the search for employment and educational courses focused on the acquisition of specific additional skills and knowledge. In cooperation with our project partners we create opportunities for young people to recognise and utilise their full potential in the search for employment or commencement of their individual entrepreneurial careers.

The success of BTC Campus is shown in the increased confidence of young people who have gained the motivation and resolve to recognise their career opportunities. Data shows that over 80 percent of the 200 participants of past programs have found employment or set out on their own path of entrepreneurship.

Another indicator of the quality of the program are the awards that we received, including the public choice PriYatelj 2016 award presented to BTC by the Ypsilon Institute and the award we received from the Employment Service of Slovenia as a partner who contributed to the achievement of Employment Service strategic goals and showed remarkable social responsibility in 2017.

All this establishes BTC as a responsible entity and creator of development opportunities for young people as generators of the future development of Slovenia. The sterling results further strengthen our resolve to continue finding and developing opportunities for young people to show their talents and help make their future brighter.