Care for the environment and clean air - BTC d.d.
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Mission: Green

Care for the environment and clean air

BTC company’s Atlantis water park has concluded a contract for the provision of heat energy with the Julon company, part of the Aquafil group. By rerouting excess heat from Julon to the Atlantis water park pools we have covered 100 percent of the necessary heating for Atlantis. The direct vicinity of the partners in this venture did more than greatly reduce environmental impacts. It also brought many other environmental and economic effects that further contribute to a greener national capital. The 300,000 Euro cost of the investment was shared equally between the partners. The new arrangement promises to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 2,000,000 kilos per year and contribute to cleaner air in the city. The reduction of CO2 emissions equals the amount put out by 1,100 automobiles driving 12,700 kilometers per year.

Atlantis uses heat energy in the form of hot water that is created at Julon during its ECONYL® manufacturing process. Part of this energy is reused by Julon in other processes, but the majority remained unused until now.

The project of systemic heating of the Atlantis water park using waste industrial heat from the Julon company was recognised and awarded in 2016 at the 18th  Days of Energetics conference in the “Energy Efficient Project” category.

The fruitful collaboration between the Atlantis water park and Julon supports the notion that a European capital can provide its inhabitants with a sustainable living standard that must combine employment and business opportunities with a growing demand for modern services for healthy leisure and recreational activities. With their participation in the project BTC and Julon promote sustainable action of all stakeholders because only common efforts of all involved parties lead to a better tomorrow.