Sustainable mobility - BTC d.d.
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Mission: Green

Sustainable mobility

The significance of sustainable mobility forms for the future is also recognised in BTC where we implement numerous activities for the support of a more rapid development of this field. we provide parking spaces for both cars and cyclists, we set up electric vehicle charging stations in collaboration with our partners and we renovate and upgrade our traffic infrastructure. Our attention focuses on the introduction of innovative mobility forms. With numerous investments into infrastructure, the arrangement of footpaths, additional pavements and bike paths, we keep our city accessible to all guests and employees, regardless of whether they visit us on foot, by bike – their own one or one via the rent-a-bike system BicikeLJ – or by car – also their own one or one from the electric vehicle co-sharing system Avant2Go. Visitors can use public bus transportation to visit us or brave shorter distances within the BTC City Ljubljana area by using two of Ljubljana’s city bus lines. In the P4 parking area in BTC City Ljubljana, south of the Crystal Palace, we set up a smart parking system, which provide an overview of the available parking spots in real time, allowing for faster and more efficient parking. These steps make for a better shopping experience of BTC City Ljubljana visitors, allow for better traffic flow, and also reduce exhaust gas emissions into the atmosphere. The system also improves the safety of all road users. We have charging stations for electric vehicles at various locations in BTC City. We are also very active in introducing alternative modes of mobility such as car sharing and bike sharing, which we are developing and introducing with business partners and the City Municipality of Ljubljana.