Project MATRYCS H2020 - BTC d.d.
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Mission: Green

Project MATRYCS H2020

As one of the partners, BTC has joined the collective application to call H2020 LC-SC3-2018-2019-2020 – Building a low-carbon, climate resilient future: secure clean and efficient energy and has applied to the European project MATRYCS. The project centres on the development of big data applications for optimising energy efficiency in buildings, and how this connects to environmental impacts as well as the impacts of building users. Applications to help in the field of facility management of buildings will be developed. Involved in the project will be companies and research institutes from several European countries. A three-year project started at the end of 2020 and it will conclude in 2023. Besides BTC, Comsensus is another Slovenian company taking part in the project.

About the project

MATRYCS aims at enhancing the implementation of policy objectives with the adoption of novel validated business models for building sector opening new opportunities in the light of Big Data approach for decision making.

Project’s Vision

MATRYCS focuses on addressing emerging challenges in Big Data management for buildings with an open holistic solution for Business to Business platforms, able to give a competitive solution to stakeholders operating in building sector and to develop smart energy-aware buildings towards a real data economy for buildings.

Project’s Contribution:

MATRYCS will contribute in different perspectives:

  • MATRYCS- PERFORMANCE: Monitoring and improvement of the energy performance of buildings
  • MATRYCS-DESIGN: Design facilitation and development of building infrastructure
  • MATRYCS-POLICY: Policy making support and policy impact assessment
  • MATRYCS-FUND: De-risking of investments in energy efficiency

Project’s Approach:

MATRYCS will realise a holistic, state-of-the-art AI-empowered framework for decision-support models, data analytics and visualisations for Digital Building Twins and real-life applications aiming to have significant impact on the building sector and its lifecycle.

The open, Cloud-based Data Analytics Toolbox, MATRYCS Modular Toolbox, will provide solution of buildings data exchange, management and real-time processing based on three main pillars:

  • MATRYCS-GOVERNANCE: Data collection, integration of heterogeneous data.
  • MATRYCS-PROCESSING: Library of reusable Artificial Intelligence based models.
  • MATRYCS-ANALYTICS: A set of analytics tools as a service.

MATRYCS service analytics reference framework will be applied, demonstrated and validated in 11 real-life large-scale pilots strategically selected to have multinational direction covering different regions and levels, such as regional, national and pan-European.

Project’s Impact:

  • Standardization of European buildings data.
  • Interoperability among data hubs at national and supranational level.
  • Effective integration of digital technologies in the buildings sector value chain.
  • Innovative analytics for the monitoring and verification of energy savings.
  • New data-driven business models and innovative energy services.
  • Strengthened links with Buildings’ Big Data programs and initiatives in regional, national and European level.
  • Tangible engagement of key stakeholders on the Building Value Chain.
  • Development of sustainable ecosystems around big data platforms for real-time scale technical analysis and policymaking.