Project PHOENIX H2020 - BTC d.d.
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Mission: Green

Project PHOENIX H2020

BTC has become a partner in the collaborative response to the call for tender H2020-SU-DS-2018 Digital Security. The company has applied to the European Phoenix project, co-financed to develop smart electricity meters that will allow other advanced services besides energy measurement (e.g. remote device monitoring, demand response, data exchange, etc.). The consortium of project partners consists of 24 enterprises and research institutions from different European countries. The three-year project, which began in September 2019, will run until the end of 2022. Besides BTC, consortium partners from Slovenia include the Jožef Stefan Institute with its company Comsensus, Iskra Emeco, and Elektro Ljubljana. BTC participates in the project as a test area for newly developed products.

The PHOENIX project is a European Union funded collaborative project improving the cyber security of the European electrical power energy systems (EPES), i.e. the so called Smart Grid. PHOENIX aims to offer a cyber-shield armour to European EPES infrastructure enabling cooperative detection of large scale, cyber-human security and privacy incidents and attacks, guarantee the continuity of operations and minimize cascading effects in the infrastructure itself, the environment, the citizens and the end-users at reasonable cost.