Company BTC is currently one of the leading companies in the field of smart and innovative solutions. Over the years, we have proven that tracking new trends, investing in new technologies and transforming is of paramount importance. Today, BTC is positioned as a smart, innovative city and as the largest Living Lab, a testing ground for innovative solutions. We are also very aware of the arrival and importance of the new Blockchain technology, which we are slowly introducing. We are also working to become the world’s first bitcoin city. Through our ecosystem, successful Blockchain companies located in BTC City, we already introduce and successfully use some of their solutions. Now, we have taken another step forward, and together with the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and other powerful stakeholders, we are already considering how to connect and establish a strong association.

On May 9, the day of Europe, Company BTC signed a letter of intent on the establishment of the European Blockchain Huba, where BTC joined as a founding member. The signatories of the commitment to set up the European Blockcahin Huba will alongside BTC also be, Government of the Republic of Slovenia, Digital Innovation Hub, Blockchain Alliance Europe, Kenup Foundation, Adriatic Council, Consensys, COTRUGLI Business School, Institute for Superior Digital Technology, Blockchain Lab: UM and others.

The signatories of the commitment are aware of the importance of the development of Blockchain technology and integration, and we share values ​​and goals. Together, we will also pave the way to the process of foundation of a multistakeholders platform that will enforce the successful development & implementation of Blockchain in Adriatic region, Europe and worldwide.

Establishment of the European Blockchain Hub