Today, as part of the solemn academy of the Thanksgiving Day of the Slovenian Science Foundation, an award ceremony took place to recognize the foundation’s donors, sponsors, and science communicators. For its donation to the Slovenian Science Foundation, which facilitated the implementation of the foundation’s activities and the advancement of the Slovenian science in 2019, BTC received the Golden Donor award. On behalf of the BTC Company, the Golden Donor award was accepted by Maja Oven, director of market communication and public relations sector.

Fundamental goal of The Slovenian Science Foundation (SSF) is to create and provide support to members of the Slovenian science community and those who show particular talent for research work already in their school years. Every year, the institution rewards its donors with honorary Platinum, Golden, Silver, and Bronze Donor awards, nurturing the promotion of science and donations to science-related institutions in Slovenia.

The founders of SSF are some of Slovenia’s foremost scientific, academic, industrial, commercial, banking, and media organisations, including BTC. The cooperation between BTC and SSF dates back to 1994; throughout the years, the organisations have undertaken some groundbreaking projects together.

In 2018, as part of its social responsibility efforts, BTC supported more than 300 individuals and organisations active in sports, environmental protection, humanitarianism, education, science, and culture. The support of diverse activities and projects makes it possible for incredible creations to break through and appear among the best on the national, regional, and global levels, while it also enhances the recognisability of BTC.

Golden Donor award