With its broad range of applications and innovative solutions, artificial intelligence increasingly makes life easier for individuals and businesses alike. In September, the Slovenian Digital Center in BTC City Ljubljana is presenting fascinating topics dealing precisely with artificial intelligence. At a press conference organised by the Slovenian Digital Center, the BTC Company was also among those presenting their efforts in this regard and their advanced solutions.

At the BTC Company, we believe that technology and partnerships are the key accelerators of development, growth and business competitiveness. Miha Mermal, Chief Marketing and Sustainability Officer at the BTC Company, noted: “The BTC Company is actively involved in progressive projects aimed at the development of future technological solutions, also as it relates to artificial intelligence. In recent years, we have used the BTC Company’s business ecosystem to actively partake in developmental projects in this field, partnering up, for example, with the companies Eligma and AV Living Lab, who have been testing their innovative solutions using BTC City as their testing ground.”

We see a lot of potential for using artificial intelligence (AI) when creating advanced solutions in logistics, retail and startup development. In logistics, AI can help improve supply chain management and the management of other processes. In retail, AI can provide strong support in content management and trend forecasting. At the BTC Company, we also see much potential in cooperating with startups working in AI development and use. The common thread running through all these aspects of AI use is that BTC City Ljubljana can act as a great test site.

At the press conference, other experts also shared their views on new technologies and artificial intelligence, including Marko Grobelnik, Digital Champion of Slovenia, Peter Jenko, General Director of the Ministry of Public Administration’s Information Society Directorate, Gregor Umek, Head of the Department of Industry, Innovation and Technology at the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, Katja Mohar Bastar, Director of DIH Slovenia, and Mateja Jarc, Head of the Internationalisation Promotion Department at SPIRIT Slovenia.

Together with other project partners, specifically the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, SPIRIT Slovenia and DIH Slovenia, the BTC company helped establish the Slovenian Digital Center in BTC City to accompany the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the EU until the end of December 2021.

Press conference: Slovenian Digital Center

PHOTO: Žiga Intihar