TWO NEW BTC CITY INVESTMENTS REALISED – the opening of a new garage and the upgraded BTC market

This year BTC has been making huge investments in the southern part of BTC City in both new premises and the construction of up-to-date infrastructure to transform the city into an even nicer and friendlier environment for its visitors. Thus, September saw the completion and opening of a new garage and the upgraded market. 


New garage

The new, up-to-date garage is located in the vicinity of the Millenium sports centre and Atlantis Water City, encompassing 5,000 m2. It consists of four floors with 780 free parking places, including 24 places reserved for the handicapped. The construction has been completed, the technical takeover successfully carried out and the operating permit issued. BTC has invested EUR 4 million in this project.

Roof over the outdoor market area

BTC recently completed upgrading the market. It invested SIT 100 million in the project which included construction of a 130-metre long roof, renovation of the facade and construction of new stands and counters. The market will offer improved conditions to visitors, especially in poor weather. The market comprises 2,000 m2 of covered area and an outdoor area involving four parts:

– 25 points of sale along the building offering fresh fruit,

– 23 points of sale in the central market area offering vegetables grown by local farmers, as well as organically produced vegetables,

– 18 points of sale along the roof’s edge offering goods not related to the food industry (textiles, shoes, candles, socks…),

– three fast-food outlets.

The roof allows better quality services and an improved offer; the shopping experience will be more pleasant when it is raining or snowing because visitors will not be bothered by raindrops or snowflakes falling from the awnings. The new roof enables the market to better organised while reducing the influence of weather conditions, leading to the higher quality of goods.

The upgraded market will more easily and efficiently comply with the HACCP quality standards of fruit and vegetables. More hygiene is ensured throughout the whole market area.

Today is the opening day involving entertainment and competitions with a prize offered to visitors. Tomorrow BTC is organising medieval games and a medieval market for visitors to enjoy.

With the aim of improving traffic and safety conditions and a better flow of traffic within BTC City, three new roundabouts in the vicinity of the new garage and the Millenium sports centre have been built. Besides this, the BTC company is aiming at a more people-friendly environment and it will therefore build new cycling and walking paths, an avenue planted with trees, a well-lit park with Slovenian linden trees and benches to rest on.

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