The new bowling centre Kegl City is to be opened in BTC Murska Sobota. The investment amounts to almost 5 million euros.

2,000 m2 of new surfaces, 12 bowling lanes, 9 pool tables, a restaurant and new shopping areas
On Wednesday, 20 February, the first sports and entertainment centre in Pomurje will be opened in the shopping centre BTC City Murska Sobota. Together with the existing shopping centre, it will offer a wide range of opportunities for exercise, entertainment, shopping and relaxation on 4,700 square metres. On 2,000 square metres in Kegl City Planet, as the entertainment centre has been named, you can find a bowling centre with 12 lanes, a pool hall with nine tables, a special room with slot machines and an event venue for exciting evening entertainment featuring excellent catering spread over 2,000 square metres. The Spar supermarket has a surface of 650 square metres and new shopping areas cover 1,060 m2, whereas the rest of the areas are intended for communal use. The investor is BTC d.d., Ljubljana, and the value of the investment amounts to almost five million euros.

Bowling – a popular free-time activity for Slovenians
The bowling centre in Murska Sobota has joined seven existing bowling centres in Slovenia. Bowling is popular all over the world. More than 100 million people in 100 countries bowl at least once a year, and more than 12 million people compete in organized bowling leagues. It is also interesting that the average age of bowlers is slightly over 28 years. Children can start doing it with aids at a very early age, which makes it an interesting family sport. Bowling contributes to the development of almost all motor skills, particularly coordination and precision. With regular training the most zealous players can develop work habits and motivation to achieve even the most ambitious aims, whereas recreational bowling is an opportunity to meet and relax with friends; it has anti-stress effects and it is also an excellent opportunity to combine pleasure and business.

Kegl City – plenty of opportunities for relaxation and entertainment
According to Janez Štotl, Director of the Murska Sobota Branch Office, Kegl City Planet in Murska Sobota will also offer plenty of other opportunities for relaxation and entertainment for those who are not particularly fond of bowling. They can choose pool or slot machines, or simply enjoy music, captivating entertainment and excellent catering in the evenings. During winter, skating at the ice rink in front the entrance to the new sports and entertainment centre will be possible, and a children’s playroom will be designed for the youngest visitors – Kegl City Planet will be open every day of the week.

Immediately following its opening, all events will be supported on the new website, which will include the first Slovenian online bowling league finishing each year with a tournament in Kegl City Planet.

Vibrant opening programme with Rebeka Dremelj
It will all start with the opening on Wednesday, 20 February 2008, with an appearance of Slovenia’s representative at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade, Rebeka Dremelj, along with dance club Urška, Slovenian beauty contestants and DJ Baza; visitors will also be able to play promotional games of bowling and pool.

BTC City Murska Sobota – 3 million visitors every year, 21,000 m2 of business areas, 50 stores
Three million people visit BTC City Murska Sobota every year. The total extent of business areas for stores, offices, sports and entertainment, logistics and other activities in BTC City Murska Sobota is almost 21 thousand square metres. Visitors can shop at more than 50 stores with food products, comestic products and toiletries, clothes, home décor accessories and furniture, etc., and now the first sports and entertainment centre in Pomurje will also open its doors for their enjoyment. 800 free parking places are available as well.

BTC Murska Sobota is a branch office and a part of BTC d.d., the biggest business, shopping, recreational, entertainment and cultural centre in Slovenia and one of the biggest of its kind in Europe. 18 million people visit it every year.

For further information contact: BTC, Director of the Branch Office Murska Sobota – Janez Štotl