MIPIM is the largest real-estate fair in the world. At this event, cities and regions introduce their most strategically important development projects in order to acquire investors and final customers.

To this purpose, the fair brings together mayors, developers, managers, architects, real-estate companies, investment companies, development agencies, planning and project companies and companies for project leadership and execution. Apart from business arrangements, an important quality of the fair encompasses expert forums that deal with subjects related to real-estate markets, investment dilemmas and environmental issues within a built environment, all within the framework of various groups.

Following a nomination by an international selection panel, MIPIM awards for construction of business centres, office buildings, house buildings, hotels, tourist resorts and sustainable construction are presented, promoting the best real-estate projects in the world.

This year’s event was held from 10 – 13 March 2009 in Cannes, France, where the Municipality of Ljubljana leased an exhibition space measuring 61.6 m2 in the Festival hall, on which it presented the public-private partnership Šmartinska, the largest development project in the city.

Emphasis of the presentation of the PPP Šmartinska:

·  urban renovation within the bypass

·  active inclusion of government and EU institutions

·  public-private development partnership

As part of the presentation at the MIPIM 2009, we have published two brochures: City Profile, featuring basic information and development statistics on Ljubljana and published by the Municipality of Ljubljana, and the Project presentation, which, apart from the urban conception of the area by the winning team from Hosoya Schaefer Architects, Zürich, features the presentations of all partners together with the development projects in their respective fields. 

On 15 January, the mayor held a work discussion attended by Nathalie Depetro, Director of the MIPIM Horizons real-estate fair, intended for presentations on developing markets that offer potentially higher returns to investors than typical returns in developed markets, as well as the Global City real-estate fair, intended for urban development projects on a local level. The key subjects of the discussion were this year’s presentation by the Municipality of Ljubljana and the economic advantages of Ljubljana in the field of real-estate investment.

Within the framework of the MIPIM 2009 fair, Mayor Zoran Janković attended the Think Tank discussion held on March 11 at the Majestic hotel in Cannes, where the mayors and representatives of the represented cities exchanged experience on the theme “From vision to action for greater quality of life in an urban environment”.




  • Analytical material: video on an LCD projector
  • Model: newly planned area at 1:1000 scale (cca 2×5 m)
  • Promotional material: Project PPP Šmartinska and Ljubljana City Profile 2007


  • Invited agencies: Kres, F2&Futura DDB, Nordung
  • Set-up and furnishing the pavilion: Ivanovski, Kres, d.o.o., chosen agency for marketing communications, Ljubljana
  • Model: Aleš Ajlec, PROTOTRIP, d.o.o., Ljubljana
  • Graphic design: Maja Licul and Mojca Bizjak – Zadruga, Ljubljana
  • Video: Jernej Vidmar 

Project group:

  • Samo Lozej, project leader
  • Prof. Janez Koželj, project art leader
  • Mag. Miran Gajšek and Ivan Stanič, Spatial Planning Department
  • Tanja Dodig Sodnik and Vlasta Vidovič, Section for international relations and protocol
  • Darja Lesjak, Section for project development and investments

Partners (participating in the presentation at the fair):

  • Maja Oven and Marko Žehelj, BTC, d.d.
  • Marjana Drame and Marko Konič, Strenia, d.d.
  • Marija Drenkovska and Saša Potočnik, MNP real-estate projects, d.o.o.
  • Aleš Vahčič, Gradis IPGI, d.d.
  • Saša Potočnik, CEEREF
  • Gregor Höfferle, Droga Kolinska, d.d.
  • Leopold Poljanšek, Velana, d.d.

Project group Hosoya Schaefer Architects

  • urbani planning, project leadership and coordination – Hosoya Schaefer Architects AG, Zürich
  • visualisations – Rendertaxi, Aachen
  • spatial conception – Space Syntax Ltd., London
  • traffic engineering – IBV Hüsler AG, Zürich
  • financial engineering, process consulting – Mountainworks, Den Haag
  • conception of landscape development – Vogt Landscape Architects, Zürich
  • sustainable conception – Ove Arup, London

 Prepared by Prof. Janez Koželj, MOL Vice-Mayor

CATALOGUE: Partnership – Šmartinska District – Redevelopment