On 16 March 2009, exactly 55 years ago a company called Centralna skladišča (Central Warehouses) was established in the area of today’s BTC City. This was the beginning of the story of a city many later called “a small city full of big shopping opportunities”. Much has changed in over five decades in this small city; however, there has always been only one vision – the vision of development.

Do you still remember 1993, when empty warehouses were starting to get a new, more attractive image and the first stores were opened in the renovated Hall A? Hall A represented an important new beginning for our area, which in the following decade developed into the biggest business, shopping, sports and entertainment, and cultural centre in Europe, now visited by 20 million people every year.

This year is marked by another anniversary: The Sports Centre Millennium will celebrate its 10th anniversary in September this year. On this occasion, we will make slight upgrades to Millennium and in in the manner it caters to the comfort of its visitors.