17 June 2009

At the BTC d. d. Company Shareholders’ Assembly, held on 17 June 17 2009 and attended by the company’s shareholders whose shares amounted to 95.28% of the voting shares, the company’s revised annual report for the financial year 2008 was presented. The shareholders expressed content with the company’s results and unanimously agreed on the following decisions:

1.  The balance sheet profit on 31 December  2008 in the amount of 11,233,608.51 EUR is allocated as follows:

·  The shareholders are allocated the dividends in the gross amount of 9.30 EUR per share, amounting to 2,091,793.20 EUR in total. The dividend is not paid for the company’s own shares.

·  In accordance with the provisions laid out in the statute of the company, the members of the Supervisory Board are paid a bonus in the form of a portion of the profit in the total gross amount of 37,220.96 EUR.

·  The balance sheet profit in the amount of 9,104,594.35 remains undistributed; its use will be determined in the following financial years.

·  For its successful work in 2008, the Management Board is awarded a discharge which confirms and approves of the work of these two bodies for the financial year of 2008.

2. CONSTANTIA PLUS, svetovanje, d.o.o., Dunajska cesta 160, Ljubljana is appointed the auditor of the company for the financial year 2009.


The revised annual report for the financial year 2008 shows sound and successful business operations of the company in the last year, reflected in the incomes from services in the amount of 51,441,792 EUR, which were 13 percent higher than the previous year. Over the same period net profit increased from 6,010,677 EUR in 2007 to 9,596,759 EUR in 2008. The company’s dynamic business operations were influenced by, among others, activated investments in the amount of 7.6 million EUR, allocated to new complementary programmes and content improvements to the city centers in Ljubljana, Novo mesto and Murska Sobota, as well as to logistics development.

The investments were allocated to new complementary and fresh programs, such as the diagnostic centre Clarus with more than 15 diagnostic departments; the BMW educational center; complete renovation of Big Bang stores; the Plesna zvezda dance studio; the new entertainment center in Murska Sobota. The company acquired the ISO 14001 quality system in the area of logistics, as well as a certificate for storage and distribution of eco products. The Director of the Logistics Center was awarded the title of Logistics Person of the Year in the Republic of Slovenia for 2008 for the high quality of the Center’s logistic services. The company has been intensively developing the eco index, meaning that it introduced realistic and measurable pointers in relation to the consumption of energy and water, traffic, security and litter in the area of BTC City.

On the basis of the successful business operations, the Assembly agreed to pay dividends in the amount of 9.30 EUR, which is the same as last year. The company has a stable cash flow and is financially stable due to its secured long-term financial sources. At the Assembly the Management Board also explained that the Supervisory Board had accepted the medium-term strategic and program development proposal for the company until 2014. The company will continue with its long-term development of the logistics programs and business city centers. One affirmation of such development is also the fact that the biggest European property market MIPIM listed the unique BTC City among the mega projects of the 21st century.

The company has already intensively begun a new development cycle; on 15 May 2009 the foundation stone was laid for the 46,000 m2 business skyscraper Crystal Palace, the highest in Slovenia. The project has already assured long-term financial funds in the amount of 54 million EUR. One of the forthcoming projects of the company is also the construction of a 17-storey hotel with 500 beds. At the moment the company is looking for an investor to assist in the search for a hotel operator with a prominent hotel chain that would be capable of providing strong marketing support to attract Slovenian and foreign guests.

Sector for Market Communications and Public Relations BTC d.d., Šmartinska 152, 1533 Ljubljana, e-mail: maja.oven@btc.si