BTC company has received an award for its business model Ecoindex, for evaluating and acknowledging the effects of mankind on the environment, as the environmentally friendliest company of 2010. The award was given for a ninth year in a row within the conference “Okoljsko srečanje” (Meeting on the environment), which took place on Thursday, 25th November, by the newspaper Finance in cooperation with Eco Fund, the Slovenian Environmental Public Fund. BTC Company introduced and developed the Ecoindex as a business model on the basis of the suggestions made by company’s management in 2008. On its basis they measure numerically given indicators and evaluate direct effects of the society on the environment.

Ecoindex is an indicator, an instrument for evaluating the society’s development in being environmentally friendly. BTC Company employs the Ecoindex to measure actual effects of their environmental and sustainable projects. Ecoindex is a weighted sum of all good deeds, with which BTC is increasing positive effects on the environment in different fields, such as dealing with energy, water, waste, traffic and safety. The ecoindex value is a constituent part of the company’s annual business plan and with that one of the key criteria for evaluating and measuring the successfulness of the company. In 2008 the ecoindex of BTC Company amounted to 297 points, in 2009 to 340 points, while the expected ecoindex value for 2010 is 400 points.

“From the experience we gained by noting down the ecoindex value, we can determine that many ecological elements can be measured, although not all can be measured numerically. We established that we can influence the environmental awareness of our visitors, business partners and friends, as well as that this kind of business intertwining gives us the power to better our relationship towards the environment. We are certain that a protective relationship towards the environment and a responsible way of living on Earth should be a part of each individual, as well as a part of people’s actions within the environment. This is without doubt one of the most important projects of the future, as it surpasses business boundaries and offers the  searching of close-knit cultural and social networks in the field of environment and sustainability. That is also the reason why it brings me great pleasure that this year’s committee acknowledged our efforts in this field and gave us the award for the most green company” was the comment of Jože Mermal, the head of BTC Management, on receiving the award.

BTC Company puts great efforts into the public’s recognition of company’s dealing with environmental issues.  All of company’s environmental and sustainable activities are published on the website with the intention of raising awareness of business partners and visitors and of encouraging them to take part in projects, the aim of which is a more responsible relationship towards the environment.

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Maja Oven, director of Marketing and Public Relations