Jože Mermal, the president of the BTC Management Board, together with Tjaša Ficko, the deputy mayor of the City Municipality of Ljubljana, officially handed over one of the largest solar power plants in Slovenia, which spreads over 13000 square kilometres and is located on two rooftops of the BTC Logistics Centre along the Letališka road in Ljubljana.

The 2.4 million Euro investment reaches the total peak power of about 900 kWp, generating the estimated annual production of 1 million kWh of electric energy.
BTC Company as an investor estimates that the solar power plant should relieve the environment of about 700 tons of carbon dioxide and other harmful substances per year. Reducing these effects on the environment is one of the leading goals set by the BTC Management within the Ecoindex Project.

In January and February 2011 the power plant already produced the initial amount of energy and deposited it to the Borzen Group for the next 15 years.

“Today’s opening of the solar power plant presents an important step on the path of accomplishing the goals we set in BTC within the Ecoindex Project, concerning environmental and sustainable development. We started building our own eco-station for systematic waste collection and classification, which was soon upgraded by the introduction of environmental ISO standard and later on by the systematic testing of the effects on the environment. As part of our medium-term business plan the Ecoindex Project was also introduced into the company’s business in 2008. Building a solar power plant on the roof of the BTC Logistics Centre represents further development in light of our set environmental activities, seeing that every kWh of the plant’s electric energy reduces the emission of carbon dioxide into atmosphere by 0.7 kilograms. There will be another opening of a solar power plant in May, namely the one located on the Crystal Palace, which had it south facade embedded with systems that produce electricity with the help of solar power. The building itself is a clear example of an energy-efficient building” said Jože Mermal, the president of the BTC Management Board. BTC invested 30 million Euros into environmental projects over the last ten years.

Tjaša Ficko, the deputy mayor of the City Municipality of Ljubljana, who was also present at the ceremony, said that she was pleased that Ljubljana got such a large solar power plant. “Such environmentally oriented projects are of utmost importance for Ljubljana. Individuals and companies with an appropriate attitude towards the environment will be able to create enjoyable atmosphere in the capital and ensure the residents and visitors of Ljubljana a quality stay. I’m certain that setting up a solar power plant on the roof of the BTC Logistics Centre presents an important stimulation for further environmental and sustainable activities from all of us”, Ficko concluded.

Since the end of last year drivers are able to recharge their electric vehicles for free with the help of two small electric pillars located in front of the Hall A and BTC City Business building in Ljubljana. 

On this occasion the company provided its employees and business partners with an electric vehicle called Biro, an environment and city traffic friendly four-wheeler, supposedly the smallest vehicle on the market.

About the Ecoindex business model

BTC Company designed the Ecoindex business model as an indicator for monitoring the company’s environmental progress, which shows the actual effects of their environmental and sustainable projects. Ecoindex is a pondered sum of all the positive actions that help BTC increase positive effects on the environment in different areas – handling energy, water, waste, traffic and security. The Ecoindex value is a part of BTC’s annual business plan and presents one of the key criteria to observe and asses the success of the company. In 2008 the Ecoindex of the company was 297 points, in 2009 340 points, in 2010 394 points, with an assessed value for 2011 reaching 410 points.

Developing the Ecoindex business model won BTC in 2010 the award for environmentally friendly company which was presented by the newspaper Finance and Eco Fund, the Slovenian Environmental Public Fund.

BTC’s environmental and sustainable activities, as well as their results, are publicly accessible on the environmental webportal

Additional information:

Maja Oven, Director of the Market Communication and Public Relations Sector