Luciano Benetton, the president and co-owner of Benetton, Zoran Janković, the mayor of Ljubljana and Jože Mermal, the president of BTC Management Board, solemnly opened the new Benetton store in BTC City Ljubljana. Benetton Store extends over two floors and covers 1.200 square metres and is one of the biggest Benetton stores in Western Europe. The store offers fashion collections of United Colors of Benetton for adults and children and collections by Sisley.

Benetton decided on a concept of a life-style store, which will alongside all other Benetton fashion collections actively include young Slovene people. The store’s opening was accompanied by the event It’s my time, with which Benetton seeks new faces for its fashion castings. Young Slovene people were invited to attend castings and photo shootings, as those who were chosen took part in the new Benetton project Are you the Face of Ljubljana?

With the new prestigious megastore, located on the street Španska ulica in BTC City Ljubljana, Benetton wants to establish itself in Slovenia as a global company, which focuses its production on the promotion of fashion and is also a promoter of a completely new lifestyle. The ground floor of the store is intended for adults, whereas the first floor is divided onto two rooms with two entrances, where the Benetton department for children and the Sisley collection department are located. Different collections go hand in hand with the store’s interior, as each collection is supplemented with a specific furniture concept, which additionally contributes to differences among collections. The store is architecturally designed in the manner of including a large portion of the old building, with the glass facade which gives the store lots of light as an added value to the store.
With the opening of its megastore in Ljubljana, Benetton clearly regards Slovenia as a stable economic market. Benetton already has 30 stores across Slovenia (Ljubljana, Maribor, Celje, Krško, Koper, Portorož, Nova Gorica, Bled and Murska Sobota).

Additional information:

Maja Oven, Director of the Market Communication and Public Relations Sector