The president of BTC Management Board, Jože Mermal and Biljana Zeroska Stanovnik MA, the president of the Society of Slovenian-Macedonian friendship, have today, on Mother’s day, opened the new children’s centre Beti in Cej on the lower floor of the Emporium hall in BTC City Ljubljana. It is a sports-recreational and educational centre where children aged 3 to 12 will be able to qualitatively spend their free time in company of teachers and athletes.

Trained teachers of the children’s centre Beti in Cej will, on the one hand, help children to familiarize themselves with 30 different sport disciplines and on the other encourage them to possess a healthy attitude towards sports. They will also encourage children’s creativity, help them discover their talents and teach them some basics in foreign languages.

Jože Mermal, the president of BTC Management Board, said that we were living in a time of great stress for all parents. Children spent a lot of time staring at computer or TV screens, with their social skills clearly reducing. The new children’s sports-recreational and educational centre in BTC City set as one of its goals the possibility of giving children an additional way of actively and creatively spending their free time, which will also relieve parents of some of their everyday stress activities.

Children’s centre Beti in Cej is a joint investment of BTC Company and the Society of Slovenian-Macedonian friendship from Ljubljana. Activities and day care will be available for merely 2 Euros per hour in the afternoon.

Additional information:

Maja Oven, Director of the Market Communication and Public Relations Sector