Today, BTC City Murska Sobota saw the opening of the green shop “Zelena točka”, which aims to expand the offer of fresh Slovenian vegetables produced according to the principles of integrated farming on the Slovenian market. It also holds geographically branded honey and other ecologically produced foods and items.

The shop strives to strengthen the Slovenian capacity for self-supply, which is still below average, and offers the consumer easier access to local and fresh vegetables produced in an eco-friendly manner. Because of the shorter transport routes, such vegetables are less burdened with various harmful substances, have a higher nutritional value due to being properly ripe, contain more vitamins and minerals, are fresher, suitably mature, and bear an exquisite fullness of taste.

 “The BTC Company follows market trends and the wishes of our customers, who grow increasingly aware of the importance of a healthy diet, which is based on a regular and sufficient intake of quality vegetables. There is much potential yet to be realized in the production and sale of Slovenian vegetables on the domestic market. Shops like the “Zelena točka” are therefore more than welcome in our town,” says Mitja Horvat, director of BTC City Murska Sobota, and adds that supporting the shop builds on all the previous “green projects” realized as part of the strategic direction “Mission: Green”, which is considered one of the cornerstones of BTC’s business operations.

With “Mission: Green”, BTC strives for social responsibility and sustainable development. As part of the latter, the company invests a lot in green energy. With three solar and one wind power plant it produces its own energy and has for a number of years now used the unique business model Eco-Index to measure the company’s impact on the environment.

Additional information:

Maja Oven, Director of the Market Communication and Public Relations Sector