Yesterday marks an important milestone for the Slovenian contemporary artists.

The Viennese gallery Künstlerhaus opened the exhibition with the title Magic of Art. The protagonists of the Slovenian contemporary art 1968-2013. The exhibition, supported also by the BTC Company, will remain on
display until March 29th 2015 and will offer more than 110 works of contemporary Slovenian artists of different fine art genres.

The Magic of Art exhibition boasts works of 53 painters, 19
photographers, 18 sculptors and 6 graphic artists. The exhibition?s
Aleksander Bassin, has with his selection of works from national,
authors? own, and private collections managed to include the features of
the contemporary
figural arts from the 1970s and 1980s. The mentioned features are
shown as the expressive new figuration and neoconstructivism, whereas a
step into the
late 1980s and the early 1990s is shown in the retro-avant-garde and
in the individualised author?s poetics. A separate part of the
exhibition is dedicated
to the landscape (titled Landscape), which can be regarded as the thematic preoccupation of many Slovenian painters and photographers.

The exhibition is held in the facilities of the Society of Austrian
artists, which is the oldest society of this kind in Austria. Slovenian
works of art
will be on display in the Künstlerhaus gallery until March 29th 2015. Afterwards, the exhibition will move to Zagreb, where it will be on
display in Gliptoteka from April 9th onwards.

In 2014 the BTC Company was a supporter of more than 200 individuals
and organisations from the fields of sports, environment protection,
education, science, and culture. All the amazing achievements,
supported by the BTC Company, have put these above-average creations
onto the national,
regional and world map, and at the same time helped strengthen the
recognisability of the BTC Company.