As the reconstruction of the first part of the modern 4-lane
Letališka cesta Road sees its completion, visitors to BTC City Ljubljana
are now able to arrive at the largest Slovenian shopping centre by a
new and modern traffic road. The renovated road section with two new
roundabouts between the Bratislavska cesta Road and the Emporium was
festively opened by Zoran Janković, mayor of the City Municipality of
Ljubljana, and Jože Mermal, president of the BTC Management board.

The reconstruction of the Letališka cesta Road follows the standards
of modern urbanism. The reconstruction plans complied with
environmental, sustainable, aesthetic, technical, and architectural
aspects of construction. Besides the reconstruction of the road in the
length of 500 metres, new cycling lanes, sidewalks and public lighting
were also set up. Along the road, we planted a new tree alley with 68
young honey maple trees, which makes for an attractive ambiance for all
the visitors of BTC City Ljubljana.

The road had to be reconstructed due to the quick economic
development of the south-eastern part of Ljubljana. The BTC Company was
obligated to reconstruct the road based on the agreement on communal
management, which the company signed with the City Municipality of
Ljubljana upon the construction of the Crystal Palace. When the BTC
Company, after a couple of long years, managed to secure the necessary
land and building permit for the construction, the construction itself
proceeded without any significant issues. The road was reconstructed by
the CGP d.d. Company from Novo mesto. It all started at the beginning of
this year and was finished, in compliance with the set timeframe, after
three months and a half.

At the festive opening of the reconstructed road, Jože Mermal,
president of the BTC d.d. Management board, stressed the importance of
reconstructing this road for the future development of BTC City
Ljubljana: “The quick development of BTC City Ljubljana and the
accompanying logistics puts great demands on the traffic infrastructure.
The opening of the first section of this modern city access road
represents a step forward in upgrading the southern part of the
Ljubljana shopping centre and a basis for the continuing growth of
logistics. The BTC Company is pleased to see the traffic road being
constructed in compliance with the highest professional standards and
taking into consideration the requirements of various visitors. Access
to BTC City Ljubljana is now safer for all drivers and cyclists, much
nicer for all pedestrians, and faster for everybody.”

At the opening, mayor Zoran Janković said: “The renovated Letališka
cesta Road is an example of a safe and sustainable traffic road,
friendly to all the citizens of Ljubljana. It makes me happy to open our
city’s novelty on this festive day. With the renovation of this part of
the Letališka cesta Road, the traffic safety in Ljubljana has improved.
Along with greater safety, the road also provides better traffic flow,
which will surely unburden traffic jams.

The development of BTC City Ljubljana, steadily focused on becoming
and remaining an innovative, smart city, demands constant investments
into its infrastructure and new content. For the future development of
BTC City Ljubljana, a good co-operation of the BTC Company with its
business partners and the local community is of great importance. In
this aspect, the co-operation with the City Municipality of Ljubljana is
very significant, while its results can be seen in various fields, from
culture to sports. With the reconstruction of the Letališka cesta Road,
as one of the main city access road to the Slovenian capital, this
partnership has once again proved to be fruitful.


Additional information:

Maja Oven, Director of the Market Communication and Public Relations Sector