The BTC Company is among the 0.7 per cent of Slovenian companies that have retained the gold AAA credit rating of excellence. This achievement has been reached by only 1,195 out of 163,642 registered companies in Slovenia. In its overall activity (H 52.240 (un)loading), in which 249 (active) companies are registered, the BTC Company is the only one bearing the gold standard of excellence.

The acquisition of the certificate is a promising business starting point as well as an excellent message for all banks, as emphasised by Rajko Čvorovič, member of the BTC Management Board and Finance Director of the BTC Company: “The Gold Creditworthiness Certificate is proof that the BTC Company belongs among the most successful companies in Slovenia, and that it has a forward-looking development strategy. It also testifies to the fact that the BTC Company is a reliable, credible and low-risk company, trusted by its stakeholders, especially suppliers, shoppers, banks, and business partners.”

The Gold Creditworthiness Certificate is given by credit rating agency Bisnode, which has a long tradition of awarding certificates of credit excellence in 12 European countries. The gold AAA credit rating of excellence is an above-average rating given to companies that have demonstrated their creditworthiness for three consecutive years. With it, credit rating agencies evaluate the credit rating of a company over a longer period of time based on different criteria (solvency, indebtedness, profitability). It relies on accounting books and other business indicators, and predicts the forthcoming above-average safe and successful business operations of a company.

The BTC Company has had a successful business year 2016, as it managed to secure 5 per cent more income than in 2015, while its profit will be approx. 3 per cent higher than the previous year. The future and growth of the BTC Company are inseparably connected to its stable financial operations, allowing the company to finance all its current obligations without any trouble while simultaneously reducing its loans. With responsible management and thoughtful business decisions, the BTC Company has a positive effect on its business partners, visitors, and the surrounding environment.


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Maja Oven, Director of the Marketing and Public Relations Sector