Yesterday the BTC Company, a proud supporter of Slovenian gymnastics for more than 20 years, signed new sponsorship agreements with the Slovenian Gymnastics Federation, eight of its athletes and two rhythmic gymnastics clubs – KRG TIM and KRG Narodni dom. With these signings, the BTC Company remains one of the key supporters of Slovenian gymnastics, providing athletes with better training conditions and participation in international competitions.

By signing the sponsorship agreements, the BTC Company continues its long-time support of Slovenian gymnasts. With its renewal of the sponsorship agreement with the Slovenian Gymnastics Federation, it also remains a general sponsor of the Federation and of competitions held in the scope of the artistic gymnastics World Cup. This year, the sponsorship funds have been further increased, additionally boosting the development of promising young athletes and the promotion of gymnastics.

I know how much hard training and discipline it takes to achieve what our athletes did, which makes me all the more proud that we at the BTC Company are standing by their side and providing them with better training conditions, improved club activities and better organised competitions. The Slovenian Gymnastics Federation can be proud to have raised such athletes who are able to reach for the top on all levels of competition, while the support of sponsors, which motivates the athletes further and makes it easier for them to achieve their dreams, is also important. As the President of the Slovenian Gymnastics Federation, I will continue to strive towards improving the quality of the Federation’s operations and strengthening gymnastic disciplines,” said Damjan Kralj, M. Sc., President of the Slovenian Gymnastics Federation and Chief Executive Officer at the BTC Company.

The BTC Company also renewed its support of promising young athletes, three male and five female gymnasts, including Teja Belak, Tjaša Kysselef, Lucija Hribar and Ekaterina Vedeneeva, who have already enjoyed the company’s support in the previous years. Especially exciting was the return of Teja Belak, the most successful athlete in the history of women’s artistic gymnastics in Slovenia. The seven previously sponsored athletes have been joined by three new competitors – Zala Trtnik, Luka Bojanc and Anže Hribar – and Luka Kišek, who is a returning athlete. The new names herald a rejuvenation of the team. Meanwhile, the BTC Company is underscoring its support of young gymnasts by also renewing its sponsorship agreements with the gymnastics clubs KRG TIM and KRG Narodni dom.

On signing the agreements, Miha Mermal, Chief Marketing and Sustainability Officer at the BTC Company, noted: “We believe that our support can contribute to the development and recognition of Slovenian gymnastics, indirectly raising awareness of the importance of an active lifestyle. I’m especially proud that we’re also supporting young generations of athletes, the future representatives of Slovenian gymnastics at domestic and international competitions. As they sign their sponsorship agreements today, I wish all the athletes and their coaching teams a successful season.”

This year, the athletes will compete in many important events in rhythmic and men’s and women’s artistic gymnastics. They are just leaving for the first World Cup competition in Cottbus, Germany. Then, in June there are the European Championships in Rhythmic Gymnastics in Israel, in August the European Men’s and Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Munich, in September the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships in Bulgaria, and in October the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships. The signing of sponsorship agreements is already a great start to the season.


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The BTC Company remains a loyal supporter of Slovenian gymnastics

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