Today, BTC City Ljubljana hosted the official opening of a completely renovated Intersport store. The popular sporting goods store has undergone a complete transformation and has by implementing a new sales space concept put an advanced consumer experience to the forefront. With its broad offer, unique interior design and other novelties, such as following sustainable development guidelines, the expanded Intersport store represents the first flagship store of the Intersport brand in Slovenia. By being located in BTC City Ljubljana, this area additionally strengthens its position of a centre offering its business partners an ideal location to set up flagship stores, while with its offer it meets the needs of consumers, follows global trends and remains an attractive area for all visitors.

The renovated Intersport store, spanning across more than 2,000 square metres of surface area in BTC City Ljubljana, will offer sports enthusiasts a wider array of sports clothing, footwear and other gear. Shoppers can choose from 200 brands and almost 15,000 different sports and leisure products. It is based on the consumer-oriented concept, offering the consumer an improved shopping experience that focuses on gear testing and having fun. The most attention is given to the runners’ section with the running centre, where shoppers can get their feet measured, purchase custom insoles for footwear and try on different running footwear. Hikers can enjoy the hiking section, designed in wood, which also includes its own weather room, where shoppers can test clothing at different temperatures. The cycling section was upgraded with its own cycling service area. Shoppers may also enjoy the so-called lounge area where they can wait for their online order to be processed or enjoy a refreshment.

The completely renovated Intersport store pays a lot of attention to sustainability. Their wish was for the renovated store to reflect connection with the green environment, which is why the front of the hall was painted green and adorned with real plants. The store’s sustainability approach is seen in its offer connected to sustainable collections and electric mobility which have marked the sports industry lately. As part of the community and the BTC City Ljubljana shopping centre, they want to ensure the broader store area to be visitor-friendly. Passers-by will be able to drink water from the drinking fountain located at the entrance or use the bicycle station’s quick solutions to inflate tyres or repair bikes.

Upon the opening of the renovated store, Damjan Kralj, M.Sc., Chief Executive Officer at the BTC Company, pointed out: “Since the very beginning, we want to provide the BTC City Ljubljana visitors with access to the most popular retail chains and services, while, as a modern shopping destination, strengthening our position as the right location for flagship stores of our business partners. We especially welcome new and modern sales concepts and efforts of our vendors for inclusion of sustainable contents into their business, which complement the development of the hybrid centre BTC City. Cooperation of the BTC Company and the Intersport brand is an example of excellent strategic partnership and I believe that their renovated store represents added value for our area. Over the last few years, BTC City Ljubljana has strengthened its position as the central sporting goods vendor, which is exciting, as our company is a loyal supporter of the development of Slovenian sports and an advocate for an active and healthy lifestyle.”

Upon the opening, Andrej Ažbe, CEO of Intersport ISI, d. o. o., said: “Intersport is a company which has been present on the Slovenian market since 1999 and has a total of 38 stores and 1 franchise store in Slovenia. The renovated, expanded and with new contents upgraded Intersport store in BTC City Ljubljana is an important milestone in the strengthening of our market position in Slovenia. The BTC company has accompanied us since 2013 when we opened our first store in BTC City. We chose BTC City Ljubljana to set up our flagship store since as the most visited shopping centre in Slovenia with its flexible infrastructure and a varied offer it represents an ideal location to offer shoppers the most modern sporting goods. Besides that, we share the BTC Company’s healthy sports spirit and its constant developmental ambitions, that is why I am so thrilled about the future development of our partnership.”

BTC City Ljubljana is one of the largest business, shopping, entertainment, recreational and cultural centres in Europe, which with its intertwined and broad offer represents a destination where every visitor can find something for themselves. Over the last few years, more and more partners have chosen BTC City Ljubljana to set up their flagship stores. BTC City Ljubljana has experienced a transformation into a centre where the newest product offers, the most modern sales and market approaches as well as technologies of the future meet. It is also a popular destination of sports enthusiasts as it provides a broad offer of products and services for quality and varied spending of free time. There are different stores with sports equipment, clothing, footwear of different brands, intended for more demanding athletes as well as recreational nature lovers and people of all generations interested in living a healthy lifestyle.


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Completely renovated Intersport store in BTC City Ljubljana

PHOTO: Studio Bomba and Intersport