The Chrystal Palace, the highest building in Slovenia with its 89 meters, has been officially opened since Thursday, 1st September. The opening of the Chrystal Palace, which was designed as a mix of varied and heterogeneous programme offer and where top-level business and commercial activities have come together, was accompanied by a rich cultural and artistic programme with the official speaker being the president of the Republic of Slovenia, Dr. Danilo Türk. In honour of this occasion the president of the BTC administration board, Jože Mermal, and the academic sculptor Mik Simčič also revealed the sculpture called “Europe on the bull” situated on the platform in front of the Chrystal Palace.

The mayor of Ljubljana, Zoran Jankovič also held a speech during the official opening ceremony along with the president of the Republic of Slovenia, Dr. Danilo Türk and there were also some other performers: Kerry Ellis, the London West End musical star, one of the most beautiful voices in the world, the mezzo-soprano singer Manca Izmajlov, the Bolshoi ballet soloists Marion Allash and Vladislav Lantratov, the leading world-renowned Slovenian piano player Bojan Gorišek, Gal Gjurin and the symphony orchestra under the leadership of the conductor and soloist Benjamin Izmajlov. The opening, attended by many business partners and friends of the BTC company as well as by many other BTC City Ljubljana visitors, was finished by spectacular fireworks.

The Shopping Gallery of the Chrystal Palace offers to its costumers products of prestigious and recognised brands, a restaurant, a bank, a wellness centre; the gallery in its central part between the ground floor and the first floor and a spacious green terrace on the roof of the commercial part of the building present two outstanding architectural achievements. The attractiveness of the Chrystal Palace is especially stressed by the panoramic confectionery, placed in the highest 20th floor with two panoramic elevators. The business premises in the business part of the building are mostly occupied.

The highest security, construction, installation and environmental protection standards have been taken into consideration during the process of the construction of the Chrystal Palace, the 20-floor-high skyscraper, and these standards are going to enable the best working and living conditions. Along with this there are no architectonic obstacles in the building, which enables easy access also for disabled people.

The Chrystal Palace is also an energy-saving building, at the same time being a solar power station with 86 kWp of peak power. There are systems in the south facade of the building enabling the production of electricity from solar energy; the object is also connected with the remote system of heat supply, and the cooling is regulated by ice accumulators, which – during the night – store ice, used for cooling of the building in daytime.

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Maja Oven, director of Market Communication and Public Relations